STC Agenda

Arizona NRCS
State Technical committee (STC) Meeting

October 30, 2013 9:00 AM

1. Opening Remarks and Introductions Tatem 9:00 am
2. NRCS Program Activities/Update Tatem 9:20 am
  a. FY-13 Conservation Program Status Report (handout)    
  b. FY-14 Initial Funding Allocation    
  c. FY-14 Program Application Deadlines (handout)    
  d. Proposed Farm Bill Status    
  e. Soil Health Initiative    
3. Strategic Approach to Conservation (SAC) Update Smarik 10:00 am
  a. SAC Timeline    
  b. The Role of the Districts and LWGs    
  c. Technical Writer Assistance    
4. Payment Schedules for 2014 Kepler 10:40 am
5. Easement Program Compensation for FY-14 Kepler 11:00 am
  a. Appraisal Process    
  b. FRPP Easements only    
6. Technology and Engineering Update Smarik & Beyman 11:15 am
  a. Job Approval Authorities    
7. Call to the public Tatem 11:45 am
8. Closing Remarks Tatem 12:00 pm