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STC Agenda

Draft Agenda - October 15, 2014

1.      Opening Remarks and Introductions                                    Tatem                             9:00am



2.      NRCS Program Activities/Update                                Tatem                         9:20am         

a.      FY-14 Financial Assistance Status Report

b.      FY-15 Western Region Program Delivery Pilot Project


3.      Cultural Resource Issues Update                                Smarik                        10:00am

a.      Arizona State Land Issues

b.      Short Term Concerns on NRCS Projects on State Land

c.       Programmatic Agreement with SHPO

d.      Status of Projects on Federal Lands

e.      Request for Exemptions of Selected Cultural Resource Concerns

(old farm and ranch roads, windmills, wells, concrete ditches, etc.)


4.      Payment Schedules for 2015                                     Peplin                         10:40am


5.      Agricultural Conservation Easement Program Update   Peplin                         11:00am

a.      Appraisal Process vs. GARC                

b.      Potential Workload/Interest in the ACEP for FY-15


6.      Technology and Engineering Update                            Smarik and Beyman    11:15am

a.      Conservation Delivery Streamlining Initiative (CDSI)

b.      Emergency Watershed Program


7.      Call to the public                                                          Tatem                          11:45am


8.      Closing Remarks                                                          Tatem                          12:00pm