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WY Agronomy Technical Notices

 Most documents require Adobe Reader to view the material.

INDEX Agronomy Technical Notes (PDF, 54 KB)
TAB SHEET Agronomy Technical Notes Tabulation Sheet (PDF, 116 KB)
TN 1 Ocular Crop Residue Measurements (PDF, 1 MB)
TN 3 Nitrogen Fixation and Legume Inoculation (PDF, 178 KB)
TN 4 Plants and Soil Test for Saline Alkaline Soils (PDF, 134 KB)
TN 6 Guide to Stocking Rates for Crop Residues (PDF, 78 KB)
TN 11.1 Nutrient Management Practice Narrative (PDF, 51 KB)
TN 11.2 Nutrient Management Job Sheet (PDF, 51 KB)
TN 11.3 Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition Summary (PDF, 58 KB)
TN 11.4 National Atmospheric Deposition Site Maps Link (HTML, 15 KB)
TN 11.5 National Atmospheric Deposition Program Website (HTML, 7 KB)
TN 11.6 Nutrient Management Design Form WY-ECS-44 (PDF, 278 KB)
TN 11.7 Nutrient Management Design Form Instructions WY-ECS-44 (PDF, 138 KB)
TN 12.1 Waste Utilization Plan Excel Worksheet WY-ECS-45 (PDF, 146 KB)
TN 12.2 Instructions for the WY-ECS-45 Waste Utilization Excel Worksheet (PDF, 175 KB)
TN 12.3 Solid Waste Utilization Plan - PDF Format (PDF, 83 KB)
TN 12.4 Solid Waste Form for Animal Outputs - PDF Form (PDF, 41 KB)
TN 12.5 Crop Nutrient Requirements (PDF, 67 KB)
TN 12.6 Liquid Waste Utilization WY-ECS-45b (PDF, 27 KB)
TN 12.7 Liquid Waste Utilization Instructions WY-ECS-45b (PDF, 41 KB)
TN 12.8 Waste Utilization for Rangeland, Hayland & Pastureland (PDF, 21 PDF)
TN 13 Fall/Snow Manure Application Guidelines (PDF, 144 KB)
TN 14 Waste Utilization Application Guidelines (PDF, 199 KB)
TN 15 Phosphorus Index (PDF, 211 KB)
TN 16 Making the Transition to Sustainable Agriculture, Watershed Science Institute (PDF, 1.3 MB)
TN 17.1 Pesticide Management - Univ of Wy. - USDA Record Keeping Requirements (PDF, 981 KB)
TN 17.2 Pesticide Management - Univ of Wy - Pesticide Labeling (PDF, 128 KB)
TN 17.3 Pesticide Management - Univ of Wy - Calibration of Multiple Nozzle Sprayers (PDF, 127 KB)
TN 17.4 Pesticide Management - Univ of Wy - Calibration of Hand Sprayers and Pressure Hand Guns (PDF, 118 KB)
TN 18 Soil Conditioning Index (PDF, 229 KB)
TN 19 Nutrient Management and Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan Components/Checklist (PDF, 100 KB)
TN 20 Liquid Waste Utilization Application Guidelines/Sizing Vegetated Areas (PDF, 768 KB)
TN 21 Soil Salinity/ Saline Species Adaptation (PDF, 356 KB)
TN 22 Pest Management Mitigation Index (PDF, 157 KB)
TN 23 Mulching (PDF, 206 KB)
TN 24 Ag Waste Available Water Holding Capacity Example (PDF, 257 KB)
TN 25 WY Nitrogen Leaching Index Risk Assessment (PDF, 44 KB)
TN 26 RUSLE2 User Guide (PDF, 2.5 MB)
TN 27 Riparian Buffer Design Guidelines (PDF, 2.4 MB)
TN 28 Using RUSLE2 for the Design and Predicted Effectiveness of Vegetative Filter Strips for Sediment (PDF, 669 KB)
TN 29 Cover Crops (PDF, 2.2 MB)