Example Pending Offer Document

 Pending Offer

Project Name:
Estimated Purchase Price:
Estimated Conservation Easement Value:

Dear [Landowner(s) Named on Deed]:

We understand that you are the owner in fee simple absolute of certain real property or you are buying certain real property in fee simple absolute under a purchase agreement, together with all improvements thereon and all rights and appurtenances thereunto pertaining, located in the [City] [County] of _______________, [State], a property commonly known as _________________________ , Tax Map No. _____________, containing ________ acres, as more particularly described in Exhibit A [Attach deed by which landowner took title or executed purchase agreement].

[Entity Name], hereby extends an offer to acquire a conservation easement for the primary purpose of protecting agricultural use and related conservation values of the land by limiting non-agricultural uses of the land which: (mark those that apply)

    ____ Protects agricultural productivity by limiting conversion to nonagricultural uses,= and contains at least 50 percent prime, unique, statewide or locally important farmland,

    ____ Protects historical or archaeological sites from nondestructive practices, or

    ____ Furthers State or local policy consistent with the purposes of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program.

 We further understand that you have not previously conveyed legal title to these rights for the purpose of limiting non-agricultural uses of the land. 

Currently we have at least 25% of the estimated purchase price available and will be seeking financial assistance from United States Department of Agriculture’s Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program for this transaction.  It is understood that the Purchase Price and Conservation Easement Value stated above are subject to change pending the final appraisal and that the [Entity Name] will seek to acquire a conservation easement on the Property at ___% of the appraised conservation easement value.  This is not a commitment to the Purchase Price.



[Entity Representative]

[Entity Name]

I [Landowner] acknowledge the receipt of this pending offer, with the understanding that this acknowledgement does not necessarily indicate acceptance or willingness to enter into an agreement at this time.