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Civil Rights Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Civil Rights Advisory Committee (CRAC) is to serve as an advisor to the Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer (DEOO) on employment and program delivery issues. The State Conservationist is the DEOO. The CRC supports a diverse, proficient, and skilled workforce; equality of program delivery; and the civil rights of employees.

Responsibilities of the committee are to:

  1. Serve as advisory body to the DEOO (State Conservationist), to promote and assist in meaningful and effective affirmative action goals consistent with management objectives,
  2. Provide feedback on the performance in equal opportunity and civil rights compliance, identifying areas of weakness and making recommendations for improvement,
  3. Identify emerging areas needing special attention by the DEOO and Special Emphasis Program Managers, and

Make recommendations to the DEOO regarding policies, practices, and procedures as they affect equal opportunity in Wyoming.

Resources (Documents and minutes)


Designated Contacts for Certified Sign Language Interpreters

  • WY Division of Vocational Rehabilitation - Casper
    1-800-452-1408 or 307-261-2171

  • WY Department of Education Outreach for the Deaf - Cheyenne

Reasonable Accommodations

The TARGET Center provides needs assessments for NRCS employees with disabilities and ergonomic site assessments to highlight appropriate accommodations for the workplace. For more information, go to

Wyoming Relay Service

  • TTY (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf)

  • Voice
    Wyoming Relay Service is a communications service that links Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Speech Impaired and Hearing people via the telephone.
    To use this service, dial the appropriate number above. Give the agent the number you would like to call, and he or she will stay on-line to relay the conversation. You can talk directly with the person you are calling. All calls and information are confidential. This 24-hour relay service is provided at no cost to callers. Long distance calls will be billed accordingly.