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Outreach Plan 2014

Wyoming NRCS Outreach Plan 2014


  • Grant Stumbough, partnership liaison and outreach coordinator, (307) 233-6760
  • Cameron Clark, chair, Civil Rights Advisory Committee (307) 358-3050, ext. 106

To improve outreach to special emphasis populations in Wyoming for equitable delivery of NRCS programs and increased technical assistance.

1. Goal: Expand interagency network for better coordination and efficiency

  • a. Implement and coordinate NRCS outreach efforts on Hispanic and Women Farmer and Rancher Claims Process with Farm Service Agency, Rural Development, and partners;
  • b. Participate in Interagency Outreach group to research methods of outreach to Hispanic and women farmers;
  • c. Assist Plant Materials Center in identifying venues for outreach on plant materials;
  • d. Assist partners in identifying potential USDA customers in need of program information and application assistance; 
  • e. Coordinate with partners to provide information on NRCS programs for beginning and organic farmers;
  • f. Strengthen USDA State Outreach council
    Coordinate USDA presence at events and exhibits
    Share information, connections, and contacts for targeted groups.

2. Goal: Provide Outreach Training to NRCS staff and Monitor Activities

  • a. Provide training on diversity through All Employee Meeting; 
  • b. Provide cultural diversity training to all employees; 
  • c. Update Wyoming Outreach Handbook and re-post on website; 
  • d. Update checklist of mandatory posters for field offices, and post on website, as needed; 
  • e. Update Wyoming Outreach Report
    Provide guidance and encouragement to field staff on outreach efforts and monitor activities.  

3. Tribal Nations Goal: Identify and implement actions to strengthen and support tribal nations in Wyoming

  • Meet regularly with NRCS tribal liaisons to identify organizational issues and proposed solutions;
  • Attend meetings with tribal liaisons;
  • Assist to identify program barriers and develop solutions; 
  • Provide training (roles & responsibilities, programs, etc,); 
  • Provide guidance to tribal liaisons (fiscal authorities & accountability, programs, etc.).