Outreach Plan 2011

Wyoming NRCS Outreach Plan 2014


  • Cameron Clark, Chair, Civil Rights Advisory Committee (307) 358-3050, ext. 106
  • Brenda Ling, Public Affairs Specialist, 307-233-6759

To improve outreach to special emphasis populations in Wyoming for equitable delivery of NRCS programs and increased technical assistance.

1. Goal: Expand interagency network for better coordination and efficiency
a. Implement and coordinate NRCS outreach efforts on Hispanic and Women Farmer and Rancher Claims Process with Farm Service Agency, Rural Development, and partners;
b. Participate in Interagency Outreach group to research methods of outreach to Hispanic and women farmers;
c. Assist Plant Materials Center in identifying venues for outreach on plant materials;
d. Assist partners in identifying potential USDA customers in need of program information and application assistance; 
e. Coordinate with partners to provide information on NRCS programs for beginning and organic farmers;
f. Strengthen USDA State Outreach council
    � Coordinate USDA presence at events and exhibits
    � Share information, connections, and contacts for targeted groups.

2. Goal: Provide Outreach Training to NRCS staff and Monitor Activities
a. Provide training on diversity through All Employee Meeting; 
b. Provide cultural diversity training to all employees; 
c. Update Wyoming Outreach Handbook and re-post on website; 
d. Update checklist of mandatory posters for field offices, and post on website, as needed; 
e. Produce Wyoming Outreach Report;  
    � Provide guidance and encouragement to field staff on outreach efforts and monitor activities. 

3. Tribal Nations Goal: Identify and implement actions to strengthen and support tribal nations in Wyoming

� Meet regularly with NRCS tribal liaisons to identify organizational issues and proposed solutions;
� Attend meetings with tribal liaisons;
� Assist to identify program barriers and develop solutions; 
� Provide training (roles & responsibilities, programs, etc,); 
� Provide guidance to tribal liaisons (fiscal authorities & accountability, programs, etc.).