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Cover Crops and Soil Health

Cover crops have the potential to provide multiple benefits in a cropping system. They prevent erosion, improve soil’s physical and biological properties, supply nutrients, suppress weeds, improve the availability of soil water, and break pest cycles along with various other benefits. The species of cover crop selected along with its management determine the benefits and returns.

Cover Crops for Wisconsin

Cover Crops in Wisconsin Photo Binder (7 mb, pdf)  for more detailed information and photos of cover crops.                                   

Photo of Sudangrass


Photo of Crimson Clover and Radish

  Crimson Clover and Radish

Photo of Peas and Radish

  Peas and Radish

Photo of Annual Ryegrass

  Annual Ryegrass

Photo of Crimson Clover

  Crimson Clover

Photo of Spring Barley

  Spring Barley

Photo of Hairy Vetch and Oats

  Hairy Vetch and Oats

Photo of Oilseed Radish

  Oilseed Radish

Photo of Red Clover frost seeded

  Red Clover Frost Seeded

photo of Red Clover not frost seeded

  Red Clover not Frost Seeded



Cover Crops and Soil Health - National studies