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Outreach Overview

Vermont NRCS Program Outreach

At Vermont NRCS, providing equitable service to all producers is a part of our culture. Serving all customers equally and effectively is just our way of doing business. NRCS attempts to craft messages and informational materials with language and services that aid in understanding the mission, processes, goals, obligations and eligibility issues inherent in the work of the agency and the Farm Bill. The process utilizes existing partnerships, and formulates new ones, to engage and speak to populations and groups throughout the state of Vermont.

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From the fiscal year 2013 Vermont NRCS Outreach Committee plan


One of the Agency’s top priorities is to ensure fair and equitable delivery of programs and services.  Improving outreach to all our customers, especially to those who fit into a historically underserved classification, is a central goal of Vermont’s NRCS staff. New tools and methods are being created and fine-tuned to create statewide coverage and consistency in our attempts to reach historically underserved and non-traditional populations of Vermonters.

In 2013, we are using innovative methods of message delivery to promote the NRCS brand and mission to all populations in the state. We are leveraging important partnerships that will provide NRCS with wider audience that includes targeted groups. Each employee is challenged with completing at least two qualifying outreach events during the fiscal year and reporting these events to the statewide evaluation system. The event reporting and evaluation tool developed in 2011/2012 is being assessed in order to develop a more streamlined, value-oriented system that is easy to use. Outreach Committee members are working with one of the state’s database experts to design the new system. 

Our goal is for NRCS programs to benefit a wider range of recipients, which in turn will strengthen the viability of agriculture in Vermont. The Vermont Outreach Committee takes the lead for ensuring important events are attended where targeted groups can be reached. This includes proper staffing and resources are available.  We will utilize demonstrations of soil and water quality practices to make a resonating impression on our audiences. 

In the spring of 2013, NRCS Vermont will be converting our website to the new national platform. Two members of the Outreach Committee serve as webmasters for the state website. The webmasters will receive input and be open to suggestions from the committee regarding new and innovative content to post. Content will be focused on accomplishing our outreach goals and promoting various message delivery avenues (E-blast, GovDelivery, twitter, Facebook, etc.).  Our website will work to reach our historically underserved individuals with targeted documents and resources. The new website, combined with targeted messages through GovDelivery and use of headquarters’ social marketing sites, will move NRCS Vermont forward in our digital communication efforts.

To read the Vermont outreach plan for fiscal year 2013, click here.