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New Hampshire Success Stories

Conservation Showcase 2

These stories highlight farmers, forest land owners, and partners working together with NRCS to protect New Hampshire's soil, water, animals, plants and air. We hope that through these stories, you'll gain a better understanding of how NRCS is helping people help the land every day and understand how we may be able to help you. 

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Financial Assistance

Agriculture Ecology Heading Forestry Heading

Beginner, Limited Resource, Veteran and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers
> NRCS Helps Refugee Farmers
> Diamond B Farm

> Tracies Community Farm 
Dairy and Beef
> Walpole Valley Farms
> Connolly Brothers Farm

Maple Production
> The Maple Brothers 
Nutrient Management
Nutrient Management and Grazing
Seasonal High Tunnels

White Gates Farm & Seasonal High
    Tunnel and High Tunnel Information

Water Quality
> Access Road
> Working Buffers - Hillsborough County

> The Benefit of Riparian Buffers
> Crescent Farm

> Misc Wildlife Stories
> New England Cottontail

> Great Bay Oyster Reef Restoration
> Alder Brook Fish Passage Project
> Wiswall Fish Passage Project
> Bridge - Slide Brook Crossing
> Strategic Watershed Action Team

> Working Buffers
> NH NRCS Partners with UNHCE and Local Foresters (TSP Information)
> Forest Management Practices - Mudd Family Partnership (story and video)


Ag Land Easements Wetland Reserve Easements

(Formerly the Farm and
Ranch Lands Protection Program)

> Daniel Webster Farm 
> Raspberry Farm 
> Sprucewoods
> Purington


(Formerly the Wetlands Reserve Program)

> Huckleberry Farm Salt March Restoration
> Stonehouse Pond
> Oyster River Forest and Amber Acres Farm
> Sprucewoods
> Strolling Woods
> Old Mill Gravel Pit