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National Wetland Team Goals

Our Mission

Develop, adapt, and disseminate wetland science and technology needed to support the technical needs of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS); in order to protect, restore, and enhance wetlands.

The science of wetlands is characterized by the dynamic emergence and modification of precepts and techniques. Prompt incorporation of new wetland technology to agency programs is critical in order to maintain program credibility, as well as increase field utility.

Our Functions

The National Wetland Team serves NRCS and others in the development, interpretation, and application of wetland science by performing the functions listed below:

  • Develop applied scientific techniques for wetland conservation.
  • Provide expert technical consultation to NRCS and others for resolving problem areas in the field.
  • Develop and disseminate NRCS technical documents including handbooks, manuals, technical standards, and other publications to provide state-of-the-art information. 
  •  Serve as NRCS technical liaison with government and university research, and with National Technology Centers to ensure the coordination and cooperative development and dissemination of emerging wetland science information.
  •  Serve as resident technical experts in wetland hydrology, hydrophytic vegetation, hydric soils, wetland wildlife, and other wetland functions; and develop specialized training in wetland science.
  • Maintains membership on Federal Agency committees involved with wetland issues such as the National Invasive Species Advisory Committee (NRCS), National and Regional Plant Panels (Corps of Engineers - COE), National Technical Committee on Hydrophytic Vegetation (COE), Federal Geographic Data Committee (EPA), and the National Advisory Committee for 1987 Federal Manual regionalization (COE).

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