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National Wetland Team Background

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has historically (as the SCS) played an important role in the conservation of the nation's natural resources, including wetlands. The statutory requirements of the Food Security Act of 1985 and its 1990 amendments, and the 1993 Federal Wetlands Policy have placed a greater emphasis on the conservation of wetlands in agriculture and the role of NRCS in that regard.

In 1994 NRCS reorganized its technical disciplines and authorized the creation of the Wetland Science Institute to lead the agency in wetland issues including wetland restoration, wetland identification and delineation, wetland hydrology, wetland assessment, and hydric soils. In 2004 NRCS once again reorganized its technology organization. Among other changes in this reorganization, NRCS replaced the Wetland Institute with the Wetland Technology Development Team. The team is currently located in Fort Worth, Texas.

An important step in enhancing and invigorating NRCS' wetland programs has been the development of the NRCS National Wetland Team. The National Wetland Team provides a cadre of technical experts to anticipate and fulfill the diverse needs of NRCS field personnel, program managers, and decision makers. Furthermore, the Wetland Team is a tangible demonstration of NRCS' commitment to wetland conservation.

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