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Wetland Assessment

The National Wetland Team provides States with support on all technical issues pertaining to wetland functional assessments. The Wetland Team is in the process of developing a formal training/workshop on functional assessments, hydrogeomorphic (HGM) wetland classification, HGM functional assessments, development of rapid functional assessment models, use of data inputs into functional assessment to determine minimal effect, and use of data inputs and time/function calculations to determine appropriate minimal effect thresholds, mitigation requirements, and mitigation ratios.

Hydrogeomorphic Approach to Wetland Assessment



Regional Guidebooks

Other Assessment Methods

Technical Notes

State Interim Functional Assessment Procedures  

The following are procedures for interim functional assessment are intended as examples for those in the process of developing their own procedures and to help bring about needed consistency between states and regions for interim functional assessment.  Most of the procedures are draft or in early stages of development and should not be referred to or cited as final.  Other examples are invited at this web site simply by contacting any one of the Wetland Science Team (WLI) staff.