NRCS Geo-Hydro

NRCS Geo-Hydro is an ArcView GIS interface to the WinTR-20 Version 1.11 hydrologic model.  It operates with ESRI ArcView 3.3 and the Spatial Analyst extension.  The interface is organized to complete the steps required to do a WinTR-20 hydrologic analysis.  Using tools and menu selections, the user is guided step by step through the automated processes of defining the watershed boundary, dividing the watershed into sub-areas, developing cross sections, etc.  The end result is a WinTR-20 execution with peak discharges, hydrographs, etc.  Basic familiarity with NRCS hydrologic procedures and ArcView operations are helpful.

NRCS Geo-Hydro map

The data requirements are digital elevation, digital land use, and digital hydrologic soil group raster (grid) themes at a 98.425 feet (equivalent to 30 meter) resolution.  A stream location shape file (such as available from the USGS National Hydrography Dataset) is optional but recommended.

These files require either a zip utility or Adobe Acrobat.        Get download help here.

Fact Sheet  (3 pages) (last updated 2009).

NRCS Geo-Hydro install package,   17 MB (last updated 2009).  Unzip this file to the C:\ root directory.

NRCS_Geo-Hydro sample data,  76 MB (last updated 2005).  Unzip this file to the C:\ root directory.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service used government funds to develop the NRCS Geo-Hydro software system.  It may be downloaded for use and copying at no additional expense or license requirements.

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