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WinTR-20 Watershed Hydrology

This page is under construction for the latest version of WinTR-20, (ver 3.10).  click here for version 1.11)

The Computer Program for Project Formulation Hydrology (WinTR-20) is a single event watershed scale runoff and routing model. It computes direct runoff and develops hydrographs resulting from any synthetic or natural rainstorm. Developed hydrographs are routed through stream and valley reaches as well as through reservoirs. Hydrographs are combined from tributaries with those on the main stream. Branching flow (diversion), and baseflow can also be accommodated. WinTR-20 may be used to evaluate flooding problems, alternatives for flood control (reservoirs, channel modification, and diversion), and impacts of changing land use on the hydrologic response of watersheds. The NRCS WinTR-20 version 3.10 computer program can be downloaded from this page.

A routine that allows the user to import NOAA Atlas 14 rainfall data for site-specific applications has been updated. The rainfall-frequency data will be used to develop site-specific rainfall distributions. The NOAA Atlas 14 text files and GIS data for selected states are available in the Support Materials for downloading and use in WinTR-20 Version 3.10. The NOAA Atlas 14 text files and supporting GIS files are packaged in a zip file for each state. An equivalent import program was developed to use rainfall-frequency data from the Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC). The NRCC has completed rainfall-frequency analyses for New York and New England states.

The WinTR-20 development team has appreciated all the testing and comments we have received to date. If you encounter any problems, or have comments on the version 3.10 computer program or enhancements to suggest please contact the WinTR-20 development team via e-mail to: WinTR-20 Team.

Download WinTR-20 installation file

Get download help here.

WinTR-20, Version 3.10, (for Windows7 and earlier operating systems)

WinTR-20 Support Materials

WinTR-20 Readme file
Latest version of the WinTR-20 User Documentation (under development)
Latest version of the WinTR-20 User Guide
References on Time of Concentration with Respect to Sheet Flow

NOAA 14 Data  AK  AR  CA  DE  MD  OH  PA  (other states under development)


WinTR-20 Training Materials

Tutorial for version 1.11
Tutorial for version 3.10 use with WinDAM: WinTR-20 for WinDAM
Tutorial for version 3.10 use with ponds: WinTR-20 with ponds
Dimensionless Unit Hydrograph tables for use in version 3.10: DUHs for WinTR-20
Four example applications with advanced features (under development)

PowerPoint training Presentations:
        Module 1: Intro & Overview (under development)
        Module 2: Basic input & output (under development)
        Module 3: Advanced features (under development)
        Module 4: Computation methods (under development)
        Module 5: Use for small watersheds (under development)
        Module 6: Import HEC-RAS cross section data
        Module 7: Muskingum-Cunge Presentation
        Module 8: Import NOAA Atlas 14 rainfall data (under development)
        Module 8a: rainfall distributions based on NOAA Atlas 14 data
        Module 9: Import NRCC rainfall data (under development)
        Module 9a: rainfall distributions based on NRCC data (under development)
        Module 10: Develop design hydrographs based on NRCS TR-60 criteria (under development)
        Module 11: Calibration of WinTR-20
        Module 12: Sensitivity of input parameters

The Natural Resources Conservation Service used government funds to develop the Technical Release 20 (WinTR-20) computer program. It may be downloaded for use and copying at no additional expense or license requirements.

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