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1997 National Resources Inventory (Archived)

This page and sub-pages linked from it are a collection of archive material offered here for reference purposes only. The content available on these pages is no longer being updated.

The 2007 NRI has been released and is available on the NRI home page

The 2007 NRI includes consistent temporal data for the 25-year period between 1982 and 2007, at 5-year intervals. As each new inventory is completed, minor adjustments to estimates in previous releases are made to ensure statistical consistency for trending purposes.

Please use the 1982–1997 estimates from the 2007 NRI for any future references to 1997 NRI results. The one exception to this guideline is Table 15 of the 1997 NRI Summary Report, "Estimated median diameter of wildlife habitat patches on nonfederal rural land in 1997, by land cover/use, by state." There is currently no habitat diversity data in the 2007 NRI.

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