AWM - Contacts

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Almost every state has an AWM contact person, usually the state environmental engineer.
West National Technology Support Center contact: Sally Bredeweg (503) 273-2441
Central National Technology Support Center contact: Cherie Lafleur (817) 509-3303
East National Technology Support Center contact: Bill Reck (336) 370-3353
Program Coordination & Development: Harbans Lal (503) 273-2441
on the National Water Quality & Quantity Team
AWMCP List Server
The USDA/NRCS maintains an AWM listserv (AWMCP) to provide a way for the user community to communicate with each other and with AWM authors and programmers. AWMCP provides a platform for the AWM community to share experiences, issues and concerns, and to learn about new releases of the program. Updates concerning AWM and related databases will be sent to all subscribers of the AWMCP list service.

The AWMCP subscribers should report any "software bugs" they discover. Listserv etiquette maintains that posting must relate to AWM and should always strive to be brief, courteous, and professional.
To join the AWMCP listserv send an email to leaving the subject line blank with 'SUBSCRIBE AWMCP [Your Firstname] [Your Lastname]' in the body of the message.
Use the email address to send messages to subscribers of the AWMCP listserv. Report any problems using the list to Harbans Lal .
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