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REAP Division

Resource Economics and Analysis Division

Janet Perry, Ph.D. Director 

The Resource Economics, Analysis and Policy (REAP) Division conducts economics and policy analyses that are built around a foundation of data and basic program information. Our analyses promote a better understanding of the costs and benefits of NRCS programs by providing timely, relevant, and accurate economic and policy information.  Our goal is to improve the effectiveness of NRCS program delivery and of public spending more generally. The REAP Division has three teams.

Our Resource Economics and Analysis team provides policy makers with information on the economic costs and benefits of programs and policies.

Our Policy team provides guidance and consistent standards for policy and rule-making development.  We provide a variety of reports, analyses, and information to assist agency leaders in following and interpreting guidelines. 

Our Data and Information team provides a solid and consistent foundation of data and information to support the development of sound natural resource, environmental, and climate change policies as they relate to agriculture.