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H & H Tools and Models

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Camas Creek Oregon

  • Hydraulics Formulas (Calculator for various formulas used in hydraulics)

  • Cross-Section Analyzer (Hydraulic parameters for uniform flow)

  • frequency curves (frequency curve determination via Bulletin 17b)  **UPDATED!**

  • SITES (rainfall-runoff for dam and spillway analysis and design, 2005)

  • WinDAM (estimating erosion of earthen embankments & auxiliary spillways of dams)

  • WinTR-20 (Version 3.10 of WinTR-20, Feb 2015)  ***UPDATED!***

  • WinTR-55 (Windows version of TR-55, 2009)

  • Unit Hydrograph Transformer

  • AGNPS (AGricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Model, 2009)

  • HecRas (Water Surface Profiles, 2003)

  • HecDSSVue (Corps of Engineers hydraulics application)

  • EFH2 (peak discharge determination, 2003)

  • TR-19 (reservoir storage requirements analysis, 1967)

  • Other models  (provided, but no longer supported)

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