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TechReg - TSP Registry

Register a Business

A business or agency can request to appear on the TechReg “Find a Technical Service Provider” webpage. Listing the business on TechReg can have several advantages in terms of marketing technical services. Often, an established business name will be more familiar to the producer than the individual TSPs employed with the entity or, conversely, a new business will gain exposure through their TechReg listing. Either way, the individual TSP’s name will also appear on the Register, as well as the business name.

The following information will walk you through the steps to register a business on TechReg, add employees to the business registry, and change the official business contact on TechReg. If you have questions, please contact your State TSP Coordinator or the TSP Help Desk.

Who can register the business?
The individual who registers the business on TechReg must meet 2 criteria:

  1. The individual must have the authority to sign an agreement with USDA/NRCS. This may be a TSP, however, it is often the owner, CEO, CFO or other designated authority for the business. This official representative for the organization is not required to register as a TSP.

What resources do I need to register a business?

  1. Authority to sign official documents for the business
  2. Business Tax ID
  3. Photo ID
  4. Transportation to a NRCS Field Office
  5. Internet Access
  6. Email account
  7. Phone number
  8. eAuthentication ID and Password
  9. A secure location to store ID, password, and answers to security questions

Quick Facts

  1. The business does not need an eAuthentication account.
  2. Business verification procedures vary by State. Check with your State TSP Coordinator for details.
  3. The business is not visible on TechReg until at least one certified TSP is associated with the business and NRCS has verified the business.
  4. The TSP and the business will be individually listed on TechReg.
  5. Only the contact person may associate additional TSPs to the business.
  6. The business profile displayed on TechReg will provide contact information for the business and list all of the TSPs associated with the business. The certification categories and practices of all TSPs associated with the business are also listed on the business profile. Potential clients may view the associated TSP(s) profile, containing their individual qualifications, training, and certification categories, by clicking the “Resume” button found to the left of the TSPs name on the business profile.
  7. The individual profile displayed on TechReg will provide the TSP’s personal information, certified categories and practices, and will list the name of the business with which they are associated. A “Resume” button is available for the potential client view the business profile.
  8. If you are not planning to work as a TSP, complete only Section B of the TSP Profile, Part 1. You may then submit the application. The submit button is at the bottom of Part 2 of the TSP Profile.
  9. If you are planning to work as a TSP, you may complete the business registration at any time before or after you complete your personal TSP certification process. However, the business will not be listed on the TechReg registry until a certified TSP is associated with the business and NRCS has completed the business certification process.

Click here for instructions on Registering a Business on TechReg