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Highlights of NRCS International Programs

NRCS International Activities Summary

  • John Rissler, Team Leader, Easement Programs Team, Easement Programs Division, and Sid Brantly, National Grazing Land Ecologist, Ecological Sciences Division, will meet with a delegation from China on September 1.  They will discuss protecting arable land resources in the development of agriculture and grassland agriculture.
  • Moustafa Elrashidi, Research Soil Scientist, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, Nebraska, will attend the 18th International Conference on Heavy Metals. He will give a presentation entitled Effects of annual precipitation on heavy metals in runoff from soils in the U.S. Great Plains.  The conference will be held Sept. 10 – 17 in Ghent, Belgium.
  • Jon Fripp, Civil Engineer, National Design, Construction, and Soil Mechanics Center, Ft. Worth, Texas, and Michael Kucera, Agronomist, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, Nebraska, were part of a team that provided technical assistance for activities under USDA’s Pakistan water management and soil health project.  The team will be recognized with the USDA’s Abraham Lincoln Award. Retirees Thomas Reinsch, National Leader, World Soil Resources, Soil Science Division, Beltsville, Maryland, and Cheryl Simmons, Central National Technology Support Center, Ft. Worth, Texas, were also involved in this project.  The awards ceremony will take place Sept. 13.
  • Rob Sampson, National Water Management Engineer, Kevin Farmer, National Watershed Operations Program Manager, Bill Reck, National Environmental Engineer, Conservation Engineering Division, Washington, D.C., Glen Carpenter, National Animal Husbandry Leader, Ecological Sciences Division, Washington, D.C., and Maxine Levin, National Leader for Soil Survey Interpretations, National Soil Survey Center, Beltsville, Maryland, will meet with a Chinese delegation on Sept. 19. The Chinese are participating in a program through George Mason University and will receive presentations from NRCS on irrigation and waste water management, emergency disaster recovery, anaerobic digesters and manure gasifiers, and Web Soil Survey.
  • Carlos Suarez, State Conservationist, Davis, California, will meet with representatives from Mexico’s Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry (SAGARPA) to discuss USDA’s climate hubs.  Dates of the visit are pending.
  • Kim Berns, Director, Easement Programs Division, and John Rissler, Team Leader, Easement Programs Team, Washington, D.C., will meet with a group from China.  The Chinese are interested in the U.S. farmland protection system, laws and regulations, development of farmland quality protection application process, and the development of quality improvement technology such as soil fertility and soil improvement.  Meeting date is pending.