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Highlights of NRCS International Programs

NRCS International Activities Summary

  • Evelyn Steglich, Natural Resources Specialist, Resources Assessment Division, Modeling Team, Temple, Texas, and Candiss Williams, Research Soil Scientist, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, Nebraska, will provide training on the Agricultural Policy/Environmental Extender Model (APEX) in Sardinia, Italy.  Helping other countries learn about using the model will assist in the development of new and existing components within the model.  Dates of travel are June 19 – 27.
  • Mike Strobel, Director, National Water and Climate Center, Portland, Oregon, has been invited to give a presentation at the “Soil, Big Data, and the Future of Agriculture” conference which will be held June 20 – July 5, in Canberra, Australia.  The conference will promote international cooperation on advancing the collection and dissemination of soil moisture data for assessing conditions related to drought and climate. NRCS will benefit as being a leader in this effort and on managing the ongoing Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) across the United States.
  • Charles Braden, Agricultural Engineer, Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been invited to give a presentation at the International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Sciences. The meeting will be held July 24 – 29 in Beijing, China.
  • Jay Skovlin, MLRA Soil Survey Leader, Stephanie Shoemaker, Ecologist, Carmel Johnston, Soil Scientist, Patrick O’Connell, Soil Scientist, Elizabeth Rowley, Soil Scientist, and Joseph Capella, Student Trainee, all based in Missoula, Montana, will sample soils in the Glacier National Park.  For easier access to remote sites in the park, they will enter Canada near Waterton Lakes.  This is part of the agreement with the National Park Service to soil sample the park.  Dates of travel are August 10 – 21 with no over-night stays.
  • Jon Fripp, Civil Engineer, National Design, Construction, and Soil Mechanics Center, Ft. Worth, Texas, Thomas Reinsch, National Leader, World Soil Resources, Soil Science Division, Beltsville, Maryland, Cheryl Simmons, Natural Resources Specialist, Central National Technology Support Center, Ft. Worth, Texas, and Michael Kucera, Agronomist, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, Nebraska, have been requested by the Foreign Agricultural Service to provide technical assistance for activities under USDA’s “Improving Soil Fertility through Extension” and “Watershed Rehabilitation and Irrigation Improvement Demonstration” projects in Pakistan.  Dates of travel are September 10 – 19.