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Highlights of NRCS International Programs

NRCS International Activities Summary

  • Jon Fripp, Civil Engineer, National Design, Construction, and Soil Mechanics Center, Ft. Worth, Texas, will serve as a technical subject matter expert in delivering training on implementing streambank restoration techniques.  He will provide this training in Legapi, The Philippines at the request from the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Forest Service.  Dates of travel are April 6 – 17.
  • Luis Hernandez, Acting Director, Soil Science Division, Washington, D.C., will represent the agency at an event on the International Year of Soils sponsored by the Spain Society of Soil Science.  The event will be held in Madrid, Spain, April 12 – 18.
  • Jon Hempel, Director, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, Nebraska, is scheduled to attend the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) International Technical Panel on Soils meeting that will be held April 12 – 19 in Potsdam, Germany. The conference is sponsored by the FAO to continue the discussion on the implementation of the GSP.  NRCS staff are working closely with the GSP secretariat to implement the GSP pillars of action.  These actions have direct benefit and significance to the goals of NRCS to strengthen the sustainable use of the soil resource.
  • Mary Podoll, State Conservationist, Bismarck, North Dakota, will give a presentation on NRCS’ conservation programs at the Saskatchewan Assoc. of Watersheds Meeting.  Canada and North Dakota share several watersheds and by providing information, NRCS – North Dakota can develop a partnership and a communications network.  The meeting will be held at Melfort, Saskatchewan, April 13 – 14.
  • Charles Braden, Agricultural Engineer, Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been invited to give a presentation at the International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Sciences. The meeting will be held July 24 – 29 in Beijing, China.
  • Thomas Reinsch, National Leader, World Soil Resources, Soil Science Division, Beltsville, Maryland, is scheduled to travel to Pakistan, Sept. 10 – 19.  Purpose is to collaborate with Pakistani policy makers and scientists to increase food security by utilizing soil resource information for natural resource decisions. USDA experience and technology will be used in this collaboration.