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Volunteer Showcase

Student Searching for Thesis Project Leads to 24 Years as Earth Team Volunteer

a 24 year volunteer from FloridaA Florida District Conservationist needed help and college student Linda Johnson walked in and 24 years later she is still volunteering.  Learn more (418 KB)





Life Skills Class Honored for Efforts as Earth Team Volunteers

Life Skills volunteer assembling bagsOver the past two years, San Angelo, Texas’ Central High School Special Education Department’s Life Skills Class has assembled educational bags for conventions, school events, workshops, and Earth Day events as Earth Team Volunteers. Learn more




University of Vermont Student Reflects on Earth Team Experience

Earth Team Volunteer Jesse BaumWhy I Joined NRCS’s Earth Team and What I Learned.  Read her story






Earth Team is Family Tradition

Earth Team Volunteer Marybeth SmithSupporting the Earth Team is a family tradition that started early for Marybeth Smith. She signed up as an Earth Team volunteer soon after she became eligible at age 14. Learn more (806 KB)





Earth Team Volunteer Teaches Students and Teachers

Michigan volunteer Maureen StineMaureen Stine’s sense of wonder about the natural world and her wish to share that wonder with others was strong – even as a child in inner-city Chicago. Today, through NRCS’ Earth Team volunteer program in Michigan, Stine is realizing that wish by providing environmental education to children and teachers. Learn more (521KB)





Illinois Earth Team Volunteer Targets Water Conservation Practices

Illinois volunteer Katelynn ClementKatelynn was instrumental in efforts of both the NRCS and local Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in Normal, IL to target conservation practices in the City of Bloomington’s water supply lakes. Learn more





Middle School Student Volunteers to Help Endangered Species

Tennessee Volunteer Katherine Reed Katherine Reed wants to save endangered species, to help accomplish this, she signed up as a Earth Team volunteer. Learn more (2,092 KB)




Earth Team Volunteer Helps Illinois NRCS Go Digital

Illinois volunteer Jaylynn Maxey working with slidesUniversity of Illinois Crop Sciences junior Jaylynn Maxey, digitizes and scans documents and imaging for technical soil services and compliance. Learn more




Earth Team Volunteers provide a Creative Spark

NHQ volunteers: Pierre, Courtney and Phil These Earth Team volunteers provided the creative spark that’s was needed to help produce an amazing communications product. Learn more (1,068 KB)




Volunteering at NRCS Leads to Career in Conservation

Earth Team volunteer Katelyn Mattila surveyingAfter graduating from the University of Wyoming, Katelyn Mattila searched for a career that would allow her to follow her passion, conservation. Learn more (1,232 KB)




Earth Team Volunteer is Ambassador for Conservation

Volunteer at Career fairRetired NRCS employee, Edwin Harms, has become the unofficial ambassador for conservation in Nebraska. Learn More (502 KB)




Poster inspires Volunteer to feed Homeless Vets

Earth Team volunteer Matthew JohnsonA World War 1 poster inspired North Carolina Earth Team volunteer and NRCS cartographic technician, Matthew Johnson, to make a difference for homeless veterans. Learn more (809 KB)





He’s back! Retired NRCS engineer returns as Earth Team volunteer

Retired NRCS employee returns as volunteerRetiring after more than 50 years with NRCS and
the Soil Conservation Service (SCS), Doug Seibel
took less than a month off before he returned as an
Earth Team volunteer. Learn More (609 KB)



Earth Team Pivotal in STEP UP Program

Volunteers in field Since its inauguration in 2011, 18 college students have volunteered 6,400 hours to NRCS as Earth Team volunteers thru the STEP UP program. Learn More (PDF 997 KB)      



                                                                                                                                                                                  Earth Team Volunteer Dave Brandt — ‘The Obi Wan Kenobi of Soil’

Ohio Earth Team Volunteer Dave Brandt with Chief WellerAn Earth Team volunteer since the onset of the program, Ohio's Dave Brandt has become know to many as "The Obi Wan Kenobi of Soil" because of his passion for conservation.  More (PDF 528KB)



Veteran Volunteers through Operation Warfighter

Montana Earth Team VolunteerMontana Earth Team volunteer SSgt.Nicholas Johnson, an Air Force veteran, proved to be a benefit from day one to the Fort Benton NRCS staff. More (PDF 911KB)





Student Combines Communications and Science as Earth Team Volunteer

Maryland volunteer Josie DallamUniversity of Wisconsin student Josie Dallham used both of her majors, Life Sciences Communications and Agronomy, while working for the Maryland NRCS state office as an Earth Team volunteer. More (PDF 767 KB)



Volunteering for Earth Team can Build Students’ Résumé

Earth Team exhibiting at eventFlorida Earth Team representative uses a career fair to highlight volunteering for Earth Team and how it is a way to get experience on their résumés. More (PDF 463 KB)


                                                                                                                                                                                Native American high school students spend summer volunteering

Volunteer examining water tank floatSix Native American high school students in Montana, Oklahoma and Arizona spent the summer as Earth Team volunteers, in the new pilot project between USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Indian Nations Conservation Alliance. More (PDF 1063 KB)



Earth Team Volunteer Teaches through Photos 

Earth Team Volunteer David SilsbeeEarth Team volunteer, David Silsbee teaches at the Oak Grove Montessori School in Mansfield, Connecticut. But David’s many other skills, especially wildlife photography, are invaluable to Connecticut NRCS. More (PDF 215KB)



Volunteer Comes Full Circle with Relief Report

Earth Team Volunteer Sal DonzellaSalvatore “Sal” Donzella, an Earth Team volunteer for NRCS in Connecticut since 1991, has come full circle with his volunteer projects. He began by helping the Soil Conservation Service (SCS - now NRCS) conduct flood audits, and today Sal assists with Hurricane Sandy relief projects. More (PDF 179KB)


                                                                                                                                                                     Pioneer Volunteer Coordinator Reconnects as Earth Team Volunteer

Earth Team Volunteer Peg Reese with NRCS Chief WellerPeg Reese retired in 2009 after a 35-year career with NRCS. So why was she staffing an NRCS exhibit at the annual Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina? More (PDF 184KB)



Working in the Field is Good Experience for Student

Earth Team Volunteer Alissa Mell working in the field.According to Earth Team Volunteer Alissa Mell, “Spending time out in the field, doing surveys is so different than learning from a book or a PowerPoint show. It was a really good experience for me.” More (PDF 190KB)



A Volunteer's Perspective

Earth Team Volunteer Raquel MacSwain“I experience a sense of passion and pride towards something greater than myself every time I volunteer…”  More (PDF 87 KB)




Volunteer has over 5,000 hours of volunteer time!

Rhode Island Volunteer Kelly BurdonTwice a week, since May of 2003, Kelly Burdon has volunteered at the Rhode Island State Office.  More (PDF 189 KB)




Volunteer Helping with Field Work

Earth Team volunteer working in the field.Navy Veteran volunteers to help support conservation. More (PDF 1,163 KB)




Earth Team Volunteer since the Beginning

Donald O.Campen, Jr"Spec" holds the distinction of being Virginia's most senior Earth Team volunteer.  More (PDF 897 KB)




Volunteer Donates Time to Advocate for Persons with Disabilities

Earth Team Volunteer Levie EdmundVolunteers like Levie, is what put the big "V" in volunteerism.   More (PDF 220 KB)