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Strategic Leadership Development Program (SLDP)

Photo of SLDP title with NRCS logo

Strategic Leaders Development Program is an approach to develop skills from effective leaders in order to increase strategic responsibilities over the next 5 years. SLDP recently updated their eligibility requirements, application process and key content in order to make it more manageable for participants. 

SLDP is a major component in an agency-wide strategic approach to developing leadership talent for the future of NRCS. Agency leadership will have active roles in the program. The goal of the SLDP is to develop high potential supervisors who aspire to leadership roles beyond their current geographical areas and beyond  supervisory level. 

The new SLDP is for 12 months, eligible for GS-13 positions and above including 3 years of supervisory experience, program management experience and 2 years of direct report supervisory experience. Stretch assignments are now a 60 day span instead of 90 days and there are now 3 residency sessions instead of 2. The SLDP training is a web based training that includes mentoring, learning teams, group projects focused on an agency priority and virtual learning environments. NHQ (National Headquarters) will fund tuition, travel and per diem expenses for three residential sessions that will occur at the beginning, middle and end of the program. 

If you are interested in SLDP you must submit the attached SLDP application, resume; letter of recommendation from two state, regional, or national leaders within NRCS and a narrative describing experience and accomplishments with five competencies listed below. If you have any questions regarding SLDP or how to submit your application please contact Jacqui Gaskill, program manager at (530)792-5669 or by email