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Competency Models Project

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) are working together to conduct an occupational analysis of critical occupational series identified in the Human Capital Strategic Plan. The competency models developed in the project may be used to support key human capital programs such as selection, career development, and training and performance management.

The first use of the occupational analysis information will be used for training and development purposes utilizing AgLearn. The competencies will be used with the Individual Development Plan (IDP) to identify the learning needs of individual employees in their series and grade.

We are involving NRCS employees from the designated job series to work with the Competency Models Core Team on identification of the tasks and competencies. A Series Advisory Team (SAT) will assist in identifying the Subject Matter Expert Confirmation Panel (SME) members to validate the tasks and competencies for that series.

In the future, supervisors and managers will be able to access competency models through AgLearn for use in career planning and performance management.

Current plans are for a minimum of one mission critical occupational series to be completed per quarter. All mission critical series are to be completed by FY 2010. The work is to be done in the following sequence:

1. 0458 - Soil Con Technicians
2. 0470 - Soil Scientist
3. 0810 - Civil Engineers
4. 0802 - Engineering Technician
5. 0454 - Rangeland Management
6. 0890 - Agricultural Engineer
7. 0457 - Soil Conservationists
8. 0471 - Agronomy Engineering
9. 1102 - Contracting
10. 0110 - Economist
11. 1370 - Cartography
12. 301 - General Physical Science
13. 0819 - Environmental

In the future, employees and their supervisors will have access to the models through the AgLearn system, which will ultimately link individual development plans, training requirements, and performance appraisals.