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EFH2 peak discharge determination

A program for determining peak discharge as prescribed by Engineering Field Handbook Chapter 2.  Required information includes watershed characteristics (drainage area, curve number, hydraulic length, watershed slope) and rainfall amount and distribution. 

This program has restricted applications.  May be applied when: 

  • Watershed is accurately represented by
    a single runoff curve number between 40 and 98.
  • Watershed area is between 1 and 2,000 acres.
  • Watershed hydraulic length is between 200 and 26,000 feet.
  • Average watershed slope is between 0.5 and 64%.
  • No valley or reservoir routing is required.
  • Urban land use within the watershed does not exceed 10%.

Downloads      Get download help here.

  EFH2 (8.2 mb.   This file requires a zip utility.)

  EFH2 User's Manual (4.6 mb.  This file requires Microsoft Word.)

  EFH2 User's Manual (link to pdf version from NRCS eDirectives website)

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