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Water Quality & Quantity Development Team Contacts

Title Person Phone more info
Acting Leader Shaun McKinney 503-273-2413 click here
Water Quality Specialist and Monitoring Data Steward Karma Anderson 503-273-2431 click here
Pest Management Specialist Joe Bagdon 413-253-4376 click here
Program Assistant Freda Brown 301-504-3946 click here
Nutrient Management Specialist Chris Gross 301-504-3954 click here
Soil Scientist Eric Hesketh 413-253-4374 click here
Environmental Engineer Harbans Lal 503-273-2441 click here
Hydraulic Engineer Dan Moore 503-414-3054 click here
Irrigation Engineer Clare Prestwich 503-414-3075 click here
Hydraulic Engineer Quan Quan 301-504-3952 click here
Stream Geomorphologist W. Barry Southerland 503-273-2436 click here

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