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Dr. Kenneth E. Spaeth

Central National Technology Support Center Staff
National Grazing Lands Team

Rangeland Management Specialist

Central National Technology Support Center USDA NRCS
501 W. Felix St., FWFC, Bldg. 23, Fort Worth, TX 76115
Fax: 817-509-3337
Phone: 817-509-3574


  • B.S. in Biology and Chemistry (1974, Emporia State Univ.)
  • Masters in Curriculum and Instruction (1977, Emporia State Univ.)
  • Masters in Range Management (1980, Univ. of Wyoming)
  • Ph.D. in Rangeland Hydrology and Ecology (Texas Tech University 1990)



Before my career in NRCS, my principle experience was in secondary education (HS biology and chemistry), and graduate research work. During my career with NRCS, I have worked as a field Range Conservationist, District Conservationist, Area Range Conservationist, Technical Center Specialist, and Cooperating Scientist. These positions have afforded me the opportunity to live in Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Texas, and Idaho. Since 1990, I have worked Nationally and have had many technical experiences throughout the U.S. Some of my main duties have been in technical assistance and development. Some of my notable projects have involved technology development and transfer of grazingland hydrology materials, USDA’s “state of the art” grazingland hydrology and erosion models (development and enhancement), and revamping and assisting with the initiation of the new USDA-NRCS Rangeland NRI. During my tenure at the USDA-ARS Northwest Watershed Research Center, I have also worked with the University of Idaho as an adjunct professor teaching Ecology, Watershed, and Hydrology courses to students in Boise, Idaho.

Recent Publications

  • Spaeth, K.E. Atmospheric gas exchange and carbon budgets in grazingland plant communities. Technical Note. USDA-NRCS, Grazing Lands Technology Institute, Ft. Worth, Texas.
  • Spaeth, K.E., F.B. Pierson, J.E. Herrick, P. Shaver, D.A Pyke, M. Pellant, D. Thompson, and R. Dayton. 2003. New proposed National Resources Inventory protocols on nonfederal rangelands. J. Soil and Water Conservation. January-February. Vol 58:18-21.
  • Spaeth, K.E., F.B. Pierson, M.A. Weltz, and W.H. Blackburn. 2003. Evaluation of USLE and RUSLE estimated soil loss on rangeland. J. Range Management. 56:234-246.
  • Spaeth, K.E., F.B. Pierson, M.A. Weltz. 2003. Grazingland Hydrology, Chapter 7. Updated National Range and Pasture Handbook 190 VI. USDA NRCS Grazing Lands Technology Institute. Washington, D.C.
  • Pierson, F.B., K.E. Spaeth, M.E. Weltz., and D.H. Carlson. 2002. Hydrologic response of diverse western rangelands. J. Range Management 55:558-570.

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