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Range and Pasture Forms

You can view forms and worksheets on-line, but save them to your computer before entering information. This is not a complete list of Range and Pasture forms. Some are available in hard copy only; additional online forms can be found in eFOTG.

If you encounter any problems with the file provided on this page, please contact Technical Resources at 406-587-6822.

The documents in the tables below may require Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word.

Montana Forms
Field Assessment Forms and Protocols

For instruction on using these forms, see the "Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health" document available under "National Forms", below. For Montana, substitute these forms for the corresponding forms contained within the national document.

Listing of Montana Range Forms
Title Form Number Date
Rangeland Inventory Worksheet
MT-ECS-2 Form (XLS; 51 KB)
MT-ECS-2 Instructions (PDF; 56 KB)
MT-ECS-2 Example (XLS; 57 KB)
MT-ECS-2 April 2006
Double Sampling Inventory Worksheet "Dry Weight"
MT-ECS-2B Form - (XLS; 20 KB) Fillable
MT-ECS-2B Form - (PDF; 29 KB) Non-fillable
MT-ECS-2B May 2010
Double Sampling Inventory Worksheet "Green Weight"
MT-ECS-2C Form - (XLS; 20 KB) Fillable
MT-ECS-2C Form - (PDF; 31 KB) Non-fillable
MT-ECS-2C May 2010
Summary of Initial Stocking Rates (MT-ECS-3 Forms By County)
Instructions (PDF; 246 KB)
MT-ECS-3 February 2007 (revised)
Grazing Land Forage Inventory Summary Sheet
MT-ECS-18A Form - (XLS; 52 KB) Fillable
MT-ECS-18A Form - (PDF; 37 KB) Non-fillable
MT-ECS-18A Instructions (PDF; 24 KB)
MT-ECS-18A Example (PDF; 35 KB)
MT-ECS-18A May 2010
Forage, Roughage, and Livestock Balance Worksheet
MT-ECS-18B Form - (XLS; 98 KB) Fillable
MT-ECS-18B Form - (PDF; 45 KB) Non-fillable
MT-ECS-18B Instructions (PDF; 26 KB)
MT-ECS-18B Example (PDF; 53 KB)
MT-ECS-18B May 2010
Animal Unit Equivalent Guide (PDF; 36 KB)   May 2010
Grazing Rotation Schedule Worksheet (XLS; 111 KB) MT-CPA-18C September 2006
Pasture Inventory Worksheet (PDF; 873 KB) MT-ECS-116 April 2006
Line-Point Intercept Method Worksheet (PDF; 2.9 MB) MT-ECS-117 April 2006
Cover Point Transect Monitoring Form
MT-ECS-117B Form - (PDF; 306 KB)
MT-ECS-117B Example (PDF; 39 KB)
MT-ECS-117B May 2010
Rangeland Monitoring Worksheet (PDF; 358 KB) MT-ECS-118 May 2010 (revised)
Monitoring Study Location and Documentation Worksheet (PDF; 228 KB) MT-ECS-118A May 2010
Rangeland Utilization Estimate Worksheet - Key Forage Plant Method
MT-ECS-119 Form (XLS; 21 KB) Fillable
MT-ECS-119 Form (PDF; 21 KB) Non-Fillable
MT-ECS-119 Instructions (PDF; 38 KB)
MT-ECS-119 Example (XLS; 35 KB)
MT-ECS-119 April 2006
Proper Grazing Use (PDF; 771 KB) MT-ECS-414 April 2006
National Forms

The following national forms can be found under Range Resources and Pasture Resources on the the National NRCS Range and Pasture Web site:

  • Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health
  • National Guide to Pasture Condition Scoring
  • National Pasture Condition Score Sheet