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Required Posters | Civil Rights Division

Required Posters

Required Civil Rights posters are listed below with instructions on where to display them and how they can be obtained. 

The CR/EEO posters below are to be prominently displayed in all offices where there is an NRCS presence.  The posters are to be placed where they can be viewed by employees and customers.  

The following documents require  Adobe Acrobat.

And Justice For All (AD475A)  (PDF; 394 KB) - This poster is for Federally-Conducted Programs (revised 9/2006).

And Justice For All—Poster Translations

NRCS Equal Opportunity Counseling Program (December 2014) (PDF; 32.5 KB) - This poster may be downloaded from the web or requested directly by calling the Civil Rights Division at (301) 504-2181.

USDA Sexual Harassment is Illegal(AD-1085, Rev. 9-03) (PDF; 8 MB) - Revised Form AD-1085 provides valuable information about the prevention of sexual harassment and about reporting instances of sexual harassment.  

USDA Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law (AD-1181, Rev. 9-03) (PDF; 7.7 MB) - Form AD-1181 informs applicants, employees and former employees of their right to file a complaint under Equal Employment Opportunity laws.  

Receipt for Service (March 2012) (PDF; 500 KB) - To ensure that all USDA customers and potential customers are being  properly served in local offices, the 2008 farm bill "Receipt For Service" (AD-2088) be provided, upon request, for each benefit or service sought by any inquirer, applicant, or customer of the Farm Service Agency, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Rural Business Service, the Rural Housing Service, and the Rural Utilities Service.