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American Indian/Alaska Native Special Emphasis Program

15 AIAN Heritage Month PosterThe American Indian/Alaska Native Special Emphasis Program Manager deals with a different set of criteria than other special emphasis programs. The program seeks to: support the unique role of American Indians and Alaska Natives within the federal government system; recruit potential American Indian/Alaska Native employees; develop mentoring processes among American Indian/Alaska Native employees; build coalitions with appropriate advocacy groups; develop annual objectives for the American Indian/Alaska Native program; provide information to all employees to keep them informed of American Indian/Alaska Native program activities; establish and maintain effective relationships with American Indian/Alaska Native organizations and groups (may require attendance and participation in their meetings); participate in recruitment efforts; contribute to the development of the overall Equal Opportunity program; attends, participates, and delivers quarterly reports at Equal Opportunity Committee meetings.

November has been designated as American Indian Heritage Month, providing an opportunity to make people aware of the history of American Indians and their contribution to the world.


Contact Information

Kelley Barkell
117 W Harvest RD
Bluffton IN 46714

Phone:  260-824-1930, ext 3
Cell:  317-373-2076 cell
Fax:  260-356-9557