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Grazing in Illinois

Grazing in Illinois

Grazing Features
Good grazing Makes Good $ense!
Publications & other information
Computer based grazing programs and Excel workbooks
NRCS Grass Land Contacts


NRCS Knows Grazing
Illinois NRCS values the benefits good grazing management offers Illinois producers and their natural resources. We offer conservation programs and practices specifically designed to help graziers find success in sustainable and profitable operations. NRCS grazing assistance is targeted to all types of livestock operation s—beef, dairy, sheep, goats, bison, etc.

NRCS works alongside many Illinois partners committed to grazing—The Illinois Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI), University of Illinois Extension specialists, and others who value grass and forage production, good grazing management techniques, and planning. NRCS has support staff—two Grass Lands Specialists—who work with all county level Field Office staff, partners and clients to create quality grazing systems.

Grazing Programs & Practices
NRCS programs most relevant to graziers include the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), the Grassland Reserve Program (GRP), the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), and the Organic EQIP options. In addition, NRCS offers valuable resources and guidance such as the Illinois Grazing Manual (see information and link below).

Publication: For information o Grazing with the Conservation Stewardship Program

“Good Grazing Makes Good $ense!”
For 2010, NRCS and GLCI launched an effort to promote the art and science of good grazing management through a campaign called “Good Grazing Makes Good $ense!” To learn more about these new educational materials or to speak to someone about using these materials to promote grazing at a local field day, demonstration site or workshop, please contact your local NRCS District Conservationist.

Photo of the four grazing bannersWith feed costs always on the rise, Illinois livestock operators might be ready to consider the benefits of a GRAZING MANAGEMENT PLAN. “Good Grazing Makes Good $ense!” is Illinois NRCS’ newest information campaign. These materials detail benefits and options of sustainable and profitable grazing systems and they tell you how to make it work on your ground.

Below are grazing resources and helpful information. For more information contact your local NRCS county office.

The following documents require either Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher, Microsoft WORD, and  Microsoft PowerPoint.




Publications on Grazing

Cover of Illinois Grazing manual




Illinois Grazing Manual -Pages from Illinois Grazing Manual are available to downloaded as a PDF


Cover of grazing and reduced storage feed document





Extending Grazing and Reducing Stored Feed Needs (PDF, 3.66 MB) Requires Acrobat Reader





Other Grazing Information Web Sites and Organizations

Grazing Lands Technology Institute

NRCS Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative

GLCI News Letter

Events, Pasture and Livestock

Illinois Forage and Grassland Council

Information of Illinois GLCI

 Computer based grazing programs and Excel workbooks

The following worksheet requires Microsoft Word.
Prescribed Grazing Forms
528il_lws_11-29-2012.docx (full form)  (DOCX, 88 kb)
528il_sws_11-29_2012.docx (shortened form) (DOCX, 77 kb)

The following worksheet requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Pasture/Hayland/Livestock Inventory Worksheet
Inventory Worksheet [PDF, 117kb]

The following Workbook requires Microsoft Excel 7.0
Planning for Grazing System
Graze4_IL_ver3.2.2_12-11-2013.xls (XLS, 477 kb)

The following Workbook requires Microsoft Excel 7.0
Illinois Fence Design
Fence Design Workbook (XLSM, 5.1 mb)
Once file is open, go to Help at the bottom of the page for instructions.



NRCS Illinois Grass Land Contacts

Matt Bunger, Grass Land Specialist
402 North Kays Drive
Normal, Illinois 61761

Roger Staff, Grass Land Specialist
1111 East Harris Ave.
Greenville, Illinois 62246

Gene Barickman, State Resource Conservationist
2118 W. Park Court
Champaign, IL 61821