USDA NRCS Colorado Earth Team Volunteer Program

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National Volunteer Week is April 6-13, 2014. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) theme for this year is “Earth Team Volunteers: Making A Better Tomorrow Today”.   Volunteers allow NRCS to stretch available resources and help put conservation practices on the ground.  Earth Team is the agency’s volunteer workforce, and nationally, in fiscal year 2013, more than 22,000 people donated 330,084 hours of service to NRCS worth approximately $7.3 million.

Colorado has a history of utilizing the Earth Team Program.  In 2013, Colorado had the highest number of volunteer hours in the west region.  Of our State Winners nominated for national recognition, our Glenwood Springs Field Office and Garden of Hope Project with the Lamar NRCS/Conservation District were recognized.  Over the years, Colorado has had wonderful volunteers and great projects.  We have been able to do so much more than we could ever do without them.

We can do more—Earth Team volunteers can be Colorado’s answer.  Colorado needs volunteers in every USDA Service in Colorado.  Contact your local service center District Conservationist or Donna Goodsell, State Volunteer Coordinator to sign up as an Earth Team Volunteer to help make a better tomorrow today!


Earth Team Volunteer Program Logo

We are volunteers Helping People Help the Land

The Earth Team is the volunteer workforce of the Natural Resources Conservation Service NRCS and we are making a difference.

For over 25 years our Earth Team places our volunteers with local producers and neighbors to assist in Natural Resource Conservation. NRCS Earth Team began in 1985 when Congress passed legislation, Section 1526 of PL97-98, Food and Agriculture Act, allowing our federal agency to have volunteers. This volunteer effort was organized as the Earth Team. The primary purpose of the Earth Team is to expand NRCS services by using volunteer time, talent and energy to help accomplish the NRCS mission.

NRCS partners with conservation groups and others to ensure private lands are conserved, restored, and more resilient to environmental challenges like climate change. Working side-by-side with farmers and ranchers, the NRCS identifies natural resource concerns, such as soil erosion and water quality issues, and develops unique conservation plans for restoring and protecting resources.
Earth Team volunteers are an integral part of the conservation partnership and each member takes pride in the fact that they maintain and improve our natural resources and environment on private lands.

The job of conserving our natural resources cannot be done by the government alone. We need your help in reducing soil erosion, conserving our water and improving its quality, and developing pride in our country's natural resource heritage.

2014 Earth Team Recruitment Flyer

Volunteer Services Agreement for Natural Resources Agencies Form

What Can Volunteers Do?

           On the Land

            In the Community

           In the Office

  • Soil Mapping
  • Surveying
  • Water Sampling
  • Establishing Wildlife Habitat
  • Native Grass Seeding
  • Resource Inventories
  • Conservation Practice Layout
  • Planting Trees
  • Conservation Planning
  • Photography
  • Conservation Education
  • Writing
  • Special Tours & Fairs
  • Conservation Youth Groups
  • Outdoor Classrooms & Nature Areas
  • Public Speaking
  • Drafting
  • Computer Data Entry
  • Map Interpretations
  • Typing
  • Telephoning
  • Editing
  • Reception
  • Filing

Who Can Volunteer?

Earth Team Volunteers work indoors and outdoors with NRCS technical specialists. Volunteers must be 14 years of age or older. You can volunteer part-time, full-time, or occasionally. You can volunteer individually or join a group. Please contact a Volunteer Coordinator below or visit your local NRCS and Colorado Conservation District Office to find out more about being part of the NRCS Earth Team Volunteer Program.

Our Colorado Team

Donna Goodsell, State Team Leader
& Northeast CO Coordinator
970-330-0380 x201

Lloyd “Butch” Reed
Northwest CO Coordinator
970-242-4511 x115

Amber Freouf
Southeast CO Coordinator

Ruth Lewis
Southwest CO Coordinator
719-589-6432 x134

Katherine Burse-Johnson
Metro Denver Coordinator