Region 8 MLRA

Region 8 MLRA

Provides quality assurance of soil information in the Southwest Region using National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS) standards.  It provides assistance to 7 MLRA soil survey offices located in parts of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.

Region 8 Leader:  Cathy McGuire
Assistant Region 8 Leader: Leslie Glover

Region 8 Location:
230 N First Avenue, Suite 509
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Phone:  602-285-6353

Host State Conservationist:
Keisha Tatem


The primary responsibility of the Region 8 Office is to ensure regional consistency of soil information through quality assurance of the following key program areas:

  1. MLRA Soil Survey Leader is conducting quality control within the MLRA area of responsibility.
  2. MLRA Soil Survey Leader is coordinating and communicating with counterparts.
  3. MLRA Soil Survey Leader is following Region 8 Operating Procedures.
  4. State Soil Scientist is providing direction and support to complete initial soil mapping within National timelines.
  5. Soil survey is science-based and fits within the broader MLRA spatial framework.
  6. Soil survey meets the standards and specifications of the NCSS.

Region 8 staff directory

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Status of Soil Survey - Region 8 (PDF; 292 KB)