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Sand Mesa Gravity Irrigation Pipeline

Fremont County, Wyoming

Riverton Field Office

The Sand Mesa Irrigation Pipeline is a gravity pressured pipeline system comprised of  approximately 43,400 feet of mainline and 30,900 feet of lateral pipeline. This pipeline replaces approximately 9 miles of the Wyoming Canal and the Badger Lateral in the Midvale Irrigation District in Fremont County, Wyoming. This pipeline provides the water to about 5000 acres. Most of this area is irrigated with center pivot sprinklers. The Natural Resources Conservation Service entered into an agreement with the Midvale Irrigation District for the design of the pipeline in the fall of 1994. The plans for the pipeline were completed in October 1995 with construction starting in the fall of 1996. The project was completed in time for the irrigation season in 1999. The Sand Mesa Pipeline had been identified in previous studies by the Bureau of Reclamation of having the best potential to expand the useable water supply for the Midvale Irrigation District.

The construction of the Sand Mesa Irrigation Pipeline was done by the Midvale Irrigation District with their equipment and personnel. The total cost of the project was about $6,000,000. The Natural Resources Conservation Service provided the initial layout for the pipeline and inlet structure. They also provided over-sight and consultation during the construction phase of project.

Photographs During Construction


Concrete Mainline Layout

Concrete Mainline Layout

Lynn Cornia, State Irrigation Engineer, Inspecting

Lynn Cornia, State Irrigation Engineer, Inspecting

Inlet Structure Construction
Inlet Structure

Don Kessler, IWM Specialist
Don Kessler, 
IWM Specialist

PVC Pipeline Installation



 PVC Pipeline Installation

Construction of Cutoff Wall for Check Structure
 Construction of Cutoff
Wall for Check Structure

Pouring Concrete in Cutoff Wall for Check Structure
Concrete Pour in Cutoff
Wall for Check Structure

Reinforcing Steel in Floor of Inlet Structure
Reinforcing Steel in 
Floor of Inlet Structure

Forms on Walls of Inlet Structure
Forms on Walls of 
Inlet Structure

Pressure Reducing Station
Pressure Reducing 

Close up of Pressure Reducing Valve
Close up of Pressure 
Reducing Valve

36" PVC Pipe w/12" 
Dia. Butterfly Valve
 for on Farm Turnout


 36" PVC Pipe

36Butterfly Valve


Photographs After Construction
Inspection of Completed Structure

Mark Opitz, NRCS 
Engineer and Midvale
Irrigation District 
Inspecting Completed 

Inlet structure.  Looking upstream.Inlet structure.  Looking


Trash rack to inlet structure.Trash rack to inlet


Inlet structure.  Water flowing over screening device.
Inlet structure. 
Water flowing 
over screening device.

Screening structure in operation during initial filling of pipeline
Screening structure in 
operation during initial 
filling of pipeline.