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Goose Pond and Marsh WRP Project

Fremont County, Wyoming

Riverton Field Office

This project was a WRP wetland project with the Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes. The US Fish and Wildlife Service was also involved in the project. This project consisted of two ponds, a shallow pond of about 50 acres, and the enlargement of an existing pond of about 65 acres. We called the shallow pond Goose Marsh and the deeper pond Goose Pond. The water comes into Goose Marsh from the irrigation ditch. There is a small dike with a flash board riser structure between the two ponds. The overflow from Goose Marsh is dumped into Goose Pond. This project was completed in June of 2000. Due to the short water years we have had, Goose Pond has not been filled. They have been able to dump some water in the Marsh part of the complex.

 Photographs Before Construction

Centerline of Pond
Centerline of Goose Pond,
Dike 1


Survey Crew
NRCS and Fish & Wildlife
Service Personnel Toe 
Staking Dike 1 on Goose Pond


Photographs During Construction

Core Trench on Dike 2
Excavating Core Trench
on Dike2 on Goose Marsh

Core Trench on Dike 2
Core Trench on Dike 2


Dike 2 on Goose Marsh
Dike 2 on Goose Marsh


Scraper During Construction of Dikes
Scraper Used in 
Construction of Dikes,
Working on Dike 2

Dozer During Construction
Dozer Doing Finish 
Work on Dike 2 on 
Goose Marsh

Core Trench on Dike 1 on Goose Pond
Core Trench on Dike 1
on Goose Pond

Construction Equipment
Equipment on Dike 1 
During Construction

Dike 1 on Goose Pond
Dike 1 on Goose Pond

Dike 1 Near Completion of Fill
Dike 1 on Goose Pond 
Near Completion of Fill

Rock Riprap on Dike 1 on Goose Pond
Rock Riprap Placed on 
Dike 1 on Goose Pond


Dike 3 Construction
Construction of Dike 3
 Between Goose Marsh 
and Goose Pond

CMP Water Control Structure
CMP Water Control 
Structure Between Goose Marsh & Goose Pond 


Photographs After Construction

Dike 3
Dike 3.  Water in Goose 
Marsh Beginning to Back 
Up Onto Dike 3

Goose Marsh During Initial Filling
Goose Marsh During 
Initial Filling

Goose Pond
Goose Pond