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Forestry is the science of planting and caring for forests and the management of growing timber, while agroforestry combines forestry and agriculture to create integrated and sustainable land-use systems.

This webpage is designed primarily for members of the public who are interested in obtaining forestry information pertinent to Wyoming’s private forestlands.

NRCS-WY Forest Conservation Practice Descriptions

NRCS works with private landowners to help them determine and meet their forestry objectives. Forest landowners can work with state, private or NRCS to develop a forest management plan that can then be used as a framework for identifying and implementing some of the NRCS forest-based practices listed below.

Forest Stand Improvement

Contact your local NRCS office in Wyoming if you are interested in learning how you can implement NRCS forest-based conservation practices.


Best Management Practices (BMPs)When properly applied, BMPs can effectively minimize water quality degradation. Voluntary implementation of BMPs has proven to be an effective means of protecting natural resources to include water quality.

Fire Conditions  Wyoming fire situation report; also contains links to fire potential outlook and active incidents.

Mountain Pine Beetle The Mountain Pine Beetle is at epidemic levels throughout the western United States, including here in Wyoming. This site is hosted by the US Forest Service, Region 2. Additional forest health information can be located at this link.

Wyoming State Forestry Division Home page, news and contact information for Wyoming State Forestry.

Conservation Forestry This site is hosted by the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts.

Living Snow Fences Living Snow Fences are trees, shrubs, and/or native grasses planted at critical locations along public travel roads or around communities and farmsteads. These vegetative barriers trap and control blowing and drifting snow.

Randy Wiggins
, NRCS State GIS Coordinator/Forester, (307) 233-6778