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National and State Technical Resources

WV NRCS Technical Resources

National and State NRCS Technical Resources

NRCS New Technical Tools and Models;

NRCS Conservation Engineering Technical Documents;

NRCS National Engineering Handbook (NEH) Section 642, Chapter 3 Material Specifications;

NRCS National Office (NHQ);

NRCS National Water & Climate Center (WCC) ;

National Design, Construction and Soil Mechanics Center –Soil Mechanic Lab.

Collection of DOS-based programs authored by C. Liezert, retired NRCS Engineer;

NRCS Watershed Technology Electronic Catalog;

West Virginia Conservation Practices and Specifications-eFOTG Sect IV;

Conservation Engineering -Irrigation and Water Management ;

NRCS Climate Information (Wetlands Retrival) Average Monthly,Snow, Temp., Precipitation Rates;

WV Supplements to the Engineering Field Handbook

WV Supplements to NEH Part 652, Irrigation Guide

Drainage Handbook for West Virginia, Prepared by USDA SCS Morgantown, WV 1985

WV Guide for Sprinkler Irrigation Dec. 1979

Engineering Field Handbook, Part 650 of National Engineering Handbook WV-210-VI; Amendment WV 45 11/13/96 “Engineering Practice Documentation”

National Engineering Field Manual for Conservation Practices 210-V Amendment WV 40 – WV 2-91,92 WV Soils Hydrologic Soil Groups