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Engineering Tools

WV NRCS Technical Resources

Engineering Tools

NRCS Nationally Supported Engineering Tools (Software)

National Water and Climate Center (WCC), the following programs can be downloaded from site:

  • AGNPS (Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Model)
  • HecRas (Water Surface Profiles)
  • HecGeoRas (ArcView GIS Extension for HecRas)
  • SITES (Rainfall-Runoff for Dam and Spillway Analysis and Design)
  • TR-19 (Reservoir Operation- RESOP)
  • TR-20 (Project Formulation Hydrology; available but not supported)
  • WinTR-20 (Windows version of TR-20)
  • NRCS Geo-Hydro (ArcView GIS Interface to WinTR-20)
  • TR-55 (Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds; available but not supported)
  • WinTR-55 (Windows version of TR-55)
  • EFH2 (Peak Discharge Determination)
  • TR-64 (Floodway Determination; available but not supported)
  • TR-66 (Simplified Dam Breach Routing Procedure; available but not supported)
  • WSP2 (Water Surface Profile Computation & User Guide; available but not supported)
  • Animal Waste Management
  • Animal Waste Management SOFTWARE and USER Guide Ver. of AWM software available to download), (User Guide available to download in Word or PDF formats)

Hydraulics and Hydrology – Tools and Models

"Engineering Field Handbook, Chapter 2"

S:\Engineering\eng prog\ENg Program\WV Eng Programs1996 (NRCS WV Employees Only)

Illinois Engineering Programs  (Programs contained on the Illinois site may not be CCE certified)