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Major Land Resource Area Office #6

Office Name Office Address Phone Fax
MLRA-6 1550 Earl Core Road, Suite 200, Morgantown, WV 26505 (304) 284-7540 (304) 284-4839
MLRA Region 6 Staff Leader  Dave Kingsbury

MLRA Region 6


MO-6: The Appalachian and Interior Plateaus Soil Survey Region

The Major Land Resource Area Soil Survey Region 6 (MO-6) office, located in Morgantown, West Virginia, is one of   12 Soil Survey Region Offices serving the National Cooperative Soil Survey in the United States and comprises roughly 261,101 square miles. The Appalachian and Interior Plateaus Soil Survey Region is comprised of 23  Major Land Resource Areas (MLRAs). Major land resource areas are made up of geographically-associated land resource units that are similar in physiography, climate, water resources, and soils.

Major Land Resource Areas within MO-6 Area in Square Miles
116A Ozark Highland 33,097
116B Springfield Plain 5,143
116C St. Francis Knobs and Basins 1,591
117 Boston Mountains 6,618
118A Arkansas Valley and Ridges, Eastern Part 6,601
118B Arkansas Valley and Ridges, Western Part 2,993
119 Ouachita Mountains 11,963
120A Kentucky and Indiana Sandstone and Shale Hills Valley Southern Part 9,054
120B Kentucky and Indiana Sandstone and Shale Hills Valley Northwestern Part 2,407
120C Kentucky and Indiana Sandstone and Shale Hills Valley Northeastern Part 1,014
121 Kentucky Bluegrass 10,569
122 Highland and Pennyroyal 21,030
123 Nashville Basin 5,896
124 Western Allegheny Plateau 12,564
125 Cumberland Plateau and Mountains 21,455
126 Central Allegheny Plateau 17,210
127 Eastern Allegheny Plateau and Mountains 18,828
128 Southern Appalachian Plateau and Mountains 22,888
129 Sand Mountain 7,150
130A Northern Blue Ridge 1,977
130B Southern Blue Ridge 15,971
135B Cretaceous Western Coastal Plain 4,171
147 Northern Appalachian Ridges and Valleys 20,911
  Total Square Miles in M0-6 261,101

The entire states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia are all serviced by the MO- 6 staff.

MO-6 Soil Survey Area Offices
6-ASH Asheville, North Carolina MLRA 130B
6-COO Cookeville, Tennessee MLRA 122 and 123
6-GLE Glenwood, Arkansas MLRA 117, 118A, 118B, 119 and 135B
6-KNO Knoxville, Tennessee MLRA 128
6-LON London, Kentucky MLRA 125
6-MAR Marietta, Ohio MLRAs 124 and 126
6-MIL Mil Hall, Pennsylvania MLRA 147
6-MOR Morgantown, West Virginia MLRA 127
6-NOR Normal Alabama MLRA 128 and 129
6-OWN Ownsboro Kentucky MLRAs 120A, 120B, 120C, and 121
6-SPR Springfield Missouri MLRAs 116A, 116B, and 116C

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MO-6 Office Management Structure
MO-6 MLRAs Map
MO Regions Map 

MLRA SSO Leaders Training, and Job Aids

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SAMPLE_Annual Plan FY-09 for an MLRA Soil Survey 13-7.doc (113 KB)
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