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Lost River Watershed

Lost River Watershed

The Lost River Watershed Project provides flood protection and water supply to eastern Hardy County. Project features include land-treatment measures and a system of impoundments which protect 130 farms, 30 bridges, 11 businesses, 225 homes, cropland, livestock, roads and utilities along the Lost and Cacapon Rivers. Project sponsors are the West Virginia State Conservation Committee, the Hardy County Commission and the Potomac Valley Conservation District.

The project provides $651,000 in annual flood protection benefits and $1.1 million in water supply benefits. The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources estimates the completed project will provide 47,700 angler days per year. To date, land-treatment measures and three dams have been completed (Kimsey Run, Upper Cove Run and Parker Hollow). Site 16 (Lower Cove Run) will be the final project component to be constructed in the watershed.

The Site 16 impoundment will be a multi-purpose facility with 1,902 acre-feet of floodwater capacity and 400 acre-feet of water supple storage. The structure will be approximately 90 feet high and include over 1.3 million cubic yards of earth and rock fill. The drainage basin upstream of the dam is 11.9 square miles and the reservoir pool is 46.6 acres.

A Supplemental Work Plan - Environmental Impact Statement was completed in April 20007, and the Record of Decision was signed in June 2007.

In November 2008, a small group of landowners filed a Federal lawsuit claiming NRCS did not comply with the National Environmental Policy Act. This action has delayed the land rights acquisition process, which began in mid-2008. After review and consultation with the Department of Justice, NRCS agreed to withdraw the Record of Decision and complete additional analysis to be included in the Supplemental Work Plan and Environmental Impact Statement. This document was released in August 2009 and a revised Record of Decision was signed in October 2009.

A second lawsuit was filed by the landowner group in November 2009. The judge found in favor of the NRCS and the other defendants in 2011. This decision was appealed to the Fourth District Appeals Court in Richmond, VA and the judges again, found in favor of NRCS on all counts.

The design is 95 percent complete and the project is moving forward as planned. Total construction cost for Site 16 is estimated at $29.3 million

Final Supplemental Work Plan - Final Environmental Impact Statement (second issue)

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Hardy County Water Resources Assessment  (1.82 MB)

Determination and Delineation of Wetland Areas Within The Lost River Dam Site 16 Project Area Construction Limits (19.3 MB)

Record of Decision (110 KB)

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