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Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program

Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program (FRPP)

Protecting farmland from permanent conversion to non-agricultural land uses in West Virginia is at a critical stage. The state has limited prime farmland acreage and the loss of each acre has a profound impact upon the rural economy, rural lifestyle, and farm families than in any other state. For this reason the legislature passed the state's Voluntary Farmland Protection Act in 2000 to complement the Federal Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program. Counties and the State can cooperate with local land trusts and landowners to purchase voluntarily offered agricultural conservation easements that permanently reserve these lands for agriculture.

Since 2000, NRCS in partnership with County Boards and the West Virginia Agricultural Land Protection Authority (WVALPA) have closed 106 easements on 12,943 acres utilizing federal FRPP funds. We work closely with the 18 County Boards and WVALPA. These locally elected or appointed community leaders ensure local conservation concerns are addressed. The County Boards, WVAPLA and NRCS balance their specific local needs with a coordinated conservation effort.

For more information on the state and county boards:


County or state farmland protection entities with available matching funds may submit applications on behalf of requesting landowners. Landowners must apply through their local farmland protection board or WVALPA.

Ranking Deadlines

Sign-up deadline for FY 2014 is January 31, 2014.

Ranking deadline for FY 2014 is February 14, 2014.

For additional information in West Virginia contact:

Contact Person Title Telephone Number
Bill O'Donnell ASTC-Programs (304) 284-7543