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Legal Notice - UDC1

Legal Notice

Department of Agriculture
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Upper Deckers Creek Dam Site 1 Rehabilitation Project, Upper Deckers Creek Watershed, Preston County, West Virginia

Agency: Natural Resources Conservation Service

Action: Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact

Summary: Pursuant to Section 102(2)(c) of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969; the Council on Environmental Quality Regulations (40 CFR Part 1500); and the Natural Resources Conservation Service Regulations (7 CFR Part 650); the Natural Resources Conservation Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture, gives notice an environmental impact statement is not being prepared for the Upper Deckers Creek Dam Site 1 Rehabilitation Project, Upper Deckers Creek Watershed, Preston County, West Virginia.

For further information contact: Kevin Wickey, State Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service, 1550 Earl Core Road, Suite 200, Morgantown, WV 26505. Phone: 304-284-7540.

Supplemental information: The environmental assessment of this federally assisted action indicates the project will not cause significant local, regional or national impacts on the environment. As a result of these findings, Kevin Wickey, State Conservationist, has determined the preparation and review of an environmental impact statement are not needed for this project.

The project purposes are to rehabilitate Dam Site 1 to bring the dam into compliance with current Natural Resources Conservation Service design criteria and performance standards and to add 310 acre-feet of dedicated rural water supply. The planned works of improvement include: construction of a new excavated auxiliary spillway on the dam’s left abutment; lining and extending the existing principal spillway pipe; constructing new principal spillway inlet and outlet structures; constructing a new internal embankment drainage system; modifying the embankment top width and height for multi-purpose use; measures to increase the stability of the embankment slopes; and mitigation for impacts to stream channels and wetlands.

The Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact has been forwarded to various Federal, State, local agencies and interested parties. A limited number of copies of the Finding of No Significant Impact are available to fill single copy requests at the above address. Basic data developed during the environmental assessment are on file and may be reviewed by contacting Kevin Wickey.

No administrative action on implementation of the proposal will be taken until 30 days after the date of this publication.

State Conservationist
September 14, 2012

(This activity is listed in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance under NO. 10.904. Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention, and is subject to the provisions of Executive Order 12372, which requires intergovernmental consultation with State and local officials.)


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Carol Lagodich Public Affairs Specialist USDA-NRCS
1550 Earl Core Road, Suite 200,
Morgantown, WV 26505