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Engineering - Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance Manual


National Operation and Maintenance Manual - 180-V-NOMM

The following documents require Microsoft Word. 

Wisconsin O&M Plans for Conservation Practices

O&M Plan Template  (32 KB)

Wisconsin Plan

Access Road or Stream Crossing  (32 KB)
Animal Trails and Walkways  (33 KB)
Barnyard/Sediment Basin  (34 KB)
Critical Area Planting  (37 KB)
Diversion  (32 KB)
Drop Spillway and Toewall  (31 KB)
Dry Hydrant  (33 KB)
Grassed Waterway  (33 KB)
Lined Waterway or Outlet  (33 KB)
Manure Transfer  (32 KB)
Pipeline  (33 KB)
Pond or Grade Stabilization Structure  (36 KB)
Rock Riprap Lakeshore Protection  (29 KB)
Roof Runoff Structure  (33 KB)
Silage Leachate Collection System  (42 KB)
Spring Development  (36 KB)
Streambank and Shoreline Protection  (36 KB)
Subsurface Drain  (36 KB)
Terrace With Gradient Outlet  (31 KB)
Terrace With Underground Outlet  (32 KB)
Underground Outlet  (36 KB)
Vegetated Treatment Area  (38 KB)
Waste Storage Facility  (37 KB)
Water Well  (37 KB)
Watering Facility  (36 KB)