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Engineering - EFH WI Supplements

Engineering Field Handbook (EFH) - Part 650

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Request for Soil Mechanics Services (SCS-ENG-356)

Tabulation Sheet

Wisconsin Supplements to the National EFH

Chapter Title WI Supplements
1 Engineering Surveys

Finding Vertical and Horizontal Elevation Differences Between Points

2 Estimating Runoff

Hydrologic Soil Groups

Estimating Runoff and Peak Discharges

3 Hydraulics

Determining Manning's Coefficient of Roughness, "n" 

4 Elementary Soils Engineering

Contents for Wisconsin Supplements - Chapter 4

Dispersive Clay Soils 

Soil Sample Size Requirements for Soil Mechanics Laboratory Testing

Soil Mechanics Laboratory Testing Requests 

Partial List of Soil Mechanics Tests

Exhibit A: Soil Investigations

6 Structures

Canopy Inlet Dimensions for Hooded Inlets 

Design Procedures and Criteria for Toewall Drop Spillways

Index Sheet for R/C Toewalls

Design Procedures for Rock-Lined Chute

Concrete Block Lined Chute 

11 Ponds and Reservoirs Design of Earth Spillways
12 Springs and Wells Pipeline Design Procedure
14 Drainage

Tree Roots - Guidance for separation between trees and drains 

16 Streambank and Shoreline Protection

Streambank and Shoreline Protection - Design guidance 

Standard 580 Companion Documents 

17 Construction and Materials

Index for Wisconsin Supplements - Chapter 17

Construction Inspection Guide for Conservation Practices

Procedure for Determining Rock Weights, Sizes and Gradations 

Wood Product Markings

Guide for the Use of Wisconsin Construction Specification 13, Geotextiles

Guide for the Use of Wisconsin Construction Specification 17, Wire Mesh Gabions and Mattresses 

Non-Structural Concrete Slab Reinforcement

18 Soil Bioengineering for Upland Slope Protection Brushlayer - Installation guidance
Vegetated Geogrid - Guidelines
19 Hydrology Tools for Wetland Determination

Scope and Effect Equations


Wisconsin Transmittal Notices to the EFH

Date EFH
Notice No.
3/27/2015 WI-135 Chapter 11, remove page 11-WI-55; existing tabulation sheets.
Chapter 11, insert page 11-WI-55; new tabulation sheets.
2/24/2015 WI-134 Chapter 16, remove companion document 580-12, existing tabulation sheets.
Chapter 16, insert companion document 580-12, new tabulation sheets.
2/5/2015 WI-133 Chapter 4, remove pages 4-WI-69 to 71; existing tabulation sheets.
Chapter 4, insert pages 4-WI-69 to 71; new tabulation sheets.
1/7/2015 WI-132 Chapter 2, remove pages WI-1 and 2; page WI-42a; existing tabulation sheets.
Chapter 2, insert pages WI-42a to WI-42c; new tabulation sheets; WI-1 to WI-16 (following the national chapter).
3/31/2014 WI-131 Chapter 12, remove and replace pages 12-WI-55 to 59
2/06/2014 WI-130 Chapter 17, remove pages 17-WI-75 to 98 (all pre-engineered waste storage facilities.)
01/06/2014 WI-129 Chapter 1, existing tabulation sheets, pages 1-WI-1 to 3 removed, Insert New Tabulation Sheets Page 1-WI-1 to 3.
10/22/2013 WI-128 Chapter 6, pages 6-WI-51 to 80 removed
Chapter 17, pages 17-WI-73 and 74.
11/14/2012 WI-127 Chapter 4, pages 4-WI-69 to 71.
Chapter 8, all WI supplements removed.
11/5/2012 WI-126 Chapter 17, pages 17-WI-73 to 74 (removed); pages 17-WI-77 to 78.
10/6/2011 WI-125 Chapter 3, pages 3-WI-42r  to 42s.
9/22/2011 WI-124 Chapter 17, pages 17-WI-97 to 98.
9/7/2011 WI-123 Chapter 3, pages 3-WI-42r to 42s.
Chapter 17, pages 17-WI-77 to 78 and pages 17-WI-91 to 92.
8/26/2011 WI-122 Chapter 4, pages 4-WI-61 to 62.
Chapter 12, pages 12-WI-55 to 59.
Chapter 14, page 14-WI-1.
Chapter 16, page 16-WI-28 and Companion Document 580-15.
Chapter 17, pages 17-WI-67 to 68.
1/24/2011 WI-121 Chapter 19, pages 19-WI-1 to 20.
3/11/2009 WI-120 Chapter 2, page 2-WI-42a.
2/23/2009 WI-119 Chapter 16, pages 16-WI-i to 90.  Companion Documents 580-1 to 580-14.
8/22/2008 WI-118 Chapter 4, pages 4-WI-69 to 71.  Chapter 12, page 12-WI-68.
8/6/2008 WI-117 Chapter 17, pages 17-WI-91 to 94.
6/2/2008 WI-116 Chapter 17, pages 17-WI-61 to 70.
12/20/2007 WI-115 Chapter 7, pages 7-WI-12a removed.  The entire chapter was replaced by NHQ.
2/16/2007 WI-114 Chapter 17, pages 17-WI-77 through 78, Revised section on the use of prefabricated sewage tanks.
7/6/2006 WI-113 Chapter 4, pages 4-WI-63 through 67, Updated ASTM references for testing.
6/15/2006 WI-112 Chapter 6, pages 6-WI-25 through 34, Correct units used in calculations and update DOT rock gradations.
5/3/2006 WI-111 Chapter 17, pages 17-WI-83 and 84, Wieser's Pan-L-Bilt Manure Storage Facility, and pages 17-WI-91 to 96, Engineered Storage Products Company and Wieser's L-Panel Manure Storage Facility.