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Wisconsin Job Sheets and Checklists for Conservation Practices

Job Sheets and Checklists

Job Sheets provide information about how to establish or maintain some conservation practices.  For more information about some conservation practices for land owners, go to conservation solutions.

For National Job Sheets, go to the National Handbook of Conservation Practices website.

Checklists provide specific guidance on the documentation needed to certify a conservation practice as completed.  Checklists may be included in some Job Sheets or published as a stand-alone document. 

**New and current Job Sheets are located on the Wisconsin Field Office Technical Guide website, under Section IV**

o. Job Sheet Title Checklist Date
130 Pollinator-Friendly Habitat Vegetative Practice Establishment Checklist for JS 130 April 2014
134A Introduced Seeding Plan Worksheet   April 2014
135A Native Seeding Plan Worksheet   April 2014
136 Wildlife Food Plots   April 2007
137 Go Wild in the Conservation Reserve   December 1987
138 Fuel Break Fuel Break Checklist (383) April 2014
144 Farmstead Windbreak/Field Windbreak   November 2011
145 Developing Seeding Rates for Locally Collected Acorns, Nuts, and Seeds of Woody Plants for Direct Seeding   March 2002
EWP 151 Single Season Managed Grazing, Wetlands Reserve Program and Emergency Watershed Protection Program Easements   August 2012
338 Prescribed Burn Plan Prescribed Burn Checklist February 2015
340   Cover and Green Manure Crop Checklist April 2015
382   Barbed Wire Fence Checklist
High Tensile Wire Fence Checklist
Woven Wire Fence Checklist
April 2014
394 Firebreak Firebreak Checklist (394) 2014  
528 Prescribed Grazing Plan Prescribed Grazing Plan Checklist April 2012
529 Prescribed Grazing Plan - Landowner Interview   April 2012
590 Nutrient Management Advanced Precision Checklist (2015)
Enhanced Checklist (2015)
Basic Checklist
April 2014
595 Integrated Pest Management Integrated Pest Management Checklist November 2013

Bat Box Checklist
Bluebird Box Checklist
Snake Hibernaculum Checklist

Wood Duck Box Checklist

April 2014
810 Pebble Count (Data Collection)   March 2006
811 Stream Channel Classification (Level II)   January 2009
812 Existing Drainage Documentation   June 2012
813 Concrete Mixture and Materials Information   April 2015
814 Soil Test Pit/Boring Log - USCS   November 2012
815 GPS/Electronic Survey Documentation and Control   November 2005
816 Soil Test Pit/Boring Log   April 2013
817 Soil Test Pit/Boring Log   April 2013
819 Landowner Acceptance Statement   September 2009
820 Reference Reach Summary Data   July 2007
821 Concrete Delivery Check Information (Wisconsin Construction Specification 4)   April 2015
822 Drainage Water Management Practice Planning   October 2013
823 Existing Drainage and Proposed Drainage Installation   January 2013