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RULSE2 Wisconsin


Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation 2  (RUSLE2)

RUSLE2 is used to evaluate potential erosion rates at specific sites as well as guide conservation and erosion control planning. RUSLE2 uses factors that represent the effects of climate (erosivity, precipitation, and temperature), soil erodibility, topography, cover-management, and support practices to compute soil erosion. Conservation planning concepts must be understood and implemented into the RUSLE2 program in order for this program to work effectively.

RUSLE2 Version (Nov. 2006) Instructions 

This update is necessary to improve internal functions, update Soils files, incorporate Fuel Use Energy Calculations, and includes updated database managements.  RUSLE2 is scheduled to be updated periodically to ensure the most current version is available to field office staff.

Publications related to RUSLE2

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Technical Contact:  Terence Kelly