Hydrology, Hydraulics, Climate and Wetland Resources

Notice – The following spreadsheets, computer programs and supporting documentation are tools to assist with typical hydrologic or hydraulic calculations or wetland hydrologic evaluations.  The engineering practitioner must understand the assumptions and calculations contained in these tools and is responsible for their appropriate use.  Some of the spreadsheets contain macros. 

Many additional engineering spreadsheets are available in the Wisconsin Engineering Spreadsheets section.


NRCS Wisconsin Hydrology Resources:

NRCS National Hydrology Resources:

EFH-2 Peak Discharge Determination Computer Program

  • National NRCS EFH2 Computer Program and User’s Manual
  • Wisconsin precipitation and soils files for EFH-2 computer program:
    • Type.rf
    • SOILS.HG 
      • NRCS Users:  for above 3 files, Use Save As and save to:  C: Users\YourName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\USDA\EFH2.  (For information see Appendix 2 of the Wisconsin Supplement to NEH Part 650 Chapter 2, link given above)

WinTR-55 Watershed Hydrology Computer Program

WinTR-20 Watershed Hydrology Computer Program 




NRCS Wisconsin Hydraulics Resources:

NRCS National Hydraulics Resources:


Climate and Wetland Resources

NRCS Wisconsin Climate and Wetland Resources:

   See NRCS Wisconsin Hydrology Resources above

NRCS National Climate and Wetland Resources:


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