EQIP Conservation Practice Ranking Processes

2014 Signup

A large portion of the annual EQIP cost-sharing funds are allocated to counties for local signups for cropland and pasture practices.   Each county determines which of the approved conservation practices are eligible for their signup. 

County Plan and Process, Cropland and Pasture Ranking Systems

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County Plan and Process, Cropland and Pasture Ranking Systems

Counties beginning with A through D

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Counties beginning with E through K
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Wisconsin Tribal Conservation Advisory Council  




Area Ranking Systems

Each NRCS area has established EQIP ranking systems for beginning farmers, socially disadvantaged farmers, specialty crops, farmstead and forest land.

Northwest Area
Northeast Area
Southwest Area
Southeast Area


Quick Access

Wisconsin General EQIP Cost List for 2014  (30 kb, xlsx

WTCAC (Tribal) EQIP Cost List for 2014 (38kb, excel xlsx)