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Farmland Protection Policy Act (FPPA) Compliance Procedures

FPPA Compliance Procedures

  1. Obtain a Farmland Conversion Impact Rating.  Early in the planning process, determine if the project is subject to the FPPA. If the project may be subject, obtain a Farmland Conversion Impact Rating (FCIR) form (form AD-1006) from the NRCS.

    If uncertain whether or not the project is subject, send a project description and detailed maps showing areas to be converted to the Madison NRCS State Office (address below), or continue with the compliance procedure. NRCS will determine if the FPPA applies and provide information on further steps needed.

  2. Complete parts I and III of the form. In completing part III include ALL acres in the project site to be converted, farmland and non-farmland. In part IIIB (total acres to be converted indirectly) include:

    • All acres that are not being directly converted, but that would no longer be capable of being farmed, because the conversion would restrict access to them
    • All acres planned to receive services from an infrastructure project (eg: highways, utilities), as indicated in the project justification, and that are likely to be directly converted as a result of the availability of the new infrastructure services.

    Part IIIC should equal the sum of parts IIIA & IIIB - all acres to be converted. If the project plans include more than one design alternative, each alternative should be considered as an alternative site. Use multiple FCIR forms, as needed.

    It is also most efficient (but not required) to complete part VI (see step 4) at this time to determine if total site assessment points are 60 or less.

  3. Mail the FCIR along with a project description and detailed maps showing areas to be converted to the NRCS Resource Soil Scientist for the area containing the major part of the project:

    Find Resource Soil Scientist Addresses

    If the FPPA does not apply, NRCS will return a letter advising that no further action is needed. If the FPPA does apply, NRCS will complete parts II, IV, and V of the form and return it.

  4. Complete parts VI and VII of the form. General guidelines for site assessment scoring are provided in 7 CFR Part 658.5(b).

    TOTAL POINTS in part VI can be used to determine which alternative sites should receive the most protection from conversion to non-agricultural uses. Other considerations being equal, sites with the highest TOTAL POINTS have the most agricultural value and should receive the most protection.

    Include the completed FCIR in any project reports which are circulated for public review and comment, or which describe proposed project alternatives.

  5. Complete the bottom part of the form.   After a final decision on a project has been made, complete the bottom part of the form (site selected & reason for selection) and return a copy to the NRCS State Office at the address listed above in item 1.

    This information will be used in completing the annual report to Congress on FPPA compliance and implementation.