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News Release

NRCS Announces Special Cover Crop Sign-up - - Sign up by July 11

Madison, Wis…… The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has announced a special funding opportunity to help landowners plant cover crops for erosion control, soil improvement or other conservation needs. Cover crops are highly effective in reducing soil erosion, as well as suppressing weeds and building up organic matter and soil health.  The cover crop may include rye, oats, millet, wheat, red clover, turnips, canola, radishes, or other species, either alone or in combination.

Cover crops reduce wind or water erosion by literally covering the soil.  They also use up excess nutrients in the soil reducing risk of runoff, they sequester carbon, and improve soil structure. 

For more information on cover crops, see Wisconsin Cover Crops factsheet, and “How to Establish Cover and Green Manure Crops”.

Farmers with crop insurance will need to check with their crop insurance agent to make sure the cover crop is terminated so as not to impact their insurance payments or coverage.

Sign up at the NRCS office by July 11 to be considered for this funding.  For more information, visit , or contact the NRCS office at the USDA Service Center serving your county.