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Publications Available Online

This site features NRCS Wisconsin publications about conservation and our programs. They are all "print on demand" files. If you need additional copies please contact Barb Jansen at the Madison State Office at

The NRCS National Distribution Center has publications available to the public with no shipping charges. You can browse the list of publications on the NRCS National Distribution Center website.

Recent Publications

Landowner Guide to Constructing Conservation Practices  (450K,pdf) April 2015

Transitioning to Organic (2MB,pdf) January 2015

Five Steps to Assistance (1MB,pdf) January 2015

Conservation-Your Farm...Your Plan (1MB,pdf) January 2015

Seasonal High Tunnel Factsheet (170K,pdf) New! January 2015

Wetland Compliance-What every Farmer needs to Know! (5K, pdf) January 2015

Wisconsin Report 2014 (3.5MB,pdf) New! January 2015

Honey Bee Pollinator Effort November 2014 

Healthy Forest Practices (3.5MB) 11x17 July 2014

Financial Assistance for Historically Underserved Producers (1.6KB)  May 2014

Cover Crops Factsheet (1.5 mb)  May 2014

Cover Crops Photo Binder (7MB)  June 2014

Conservation Programs for Wisconsin Landowners (4022 KB)  May 2014

WRE Factsheet FB14 (581 KB)  May 2014

CSP Factsheet FB14 (741 KB) May 2014

EQIP Factsheet FB14 (1.4 KB)  May 2014

Year Round Grazing in Wisconsin (3MB, pdf)  March 2014

Better Land and Water through CSP - Benefits of CSP for Non-operator Landowners   (384 KB)  Feb. 2014

Wisconsin State Report - 2013 (3 MB, pdf)  Jan. 2014

WI Tribal Conservation Advisory Report 2013  (450K,pdf) October 2013

NRCS Assistance for Pork Producers 11x17 (450K,pdf) August 2013

NRCS Assistance for Pork Producers 8.5x11 (450K,pdf) August 2013

WRP-Compatible Use Permits (125K,pdf) August 2013

WRP-Facts about 30-year and permanent easements  (125K,pdf) August 2013

MRBI-Kettle Moraine Land Trust Partnership Summary Report (450K,pdf) August 2013

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative - Report for FY 2012 (1MB,pdf)  Feb 2013

CRP-Converting to Cropland (69K,pdf) Feb 2013

CRP-Conservation Buffers (116K,pdf) Feb 2013

CRP-Alternatives and Options (107K,pdf) Feb 2013

CRP-Converting to Pasture (89K,pdf)  Feb 2013

Wisconsin Report 2012 (4.8MB,pdf)  Jan 2013

Wisconsin Outreach Report, 2012 (6.5 mb, pdf)  

Annual Forages for Drought Stricken Crops and Pasture - July 2012 (docx, 19kb)

Grazing Land Management-How NRCS can help! (300K,pdf) 2012 

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative in Wisconsin 2011-2012 (750K, pdf)

Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative Strategic Plan 2011-2016 (2MB, pdf)

Conservation Practices for Wisconsin Livestock Operations, (Revised 2013)

Assistance for New and Beginning Farmers (1MB, pdf) 2011

Healthier Farmland and Cleaner Water -  Solutions to common soil, water and wildlife concerns for farmers (trifold brochure) (256K, pdf)  2011

Conservation Stewardship Program factsheet  (1.8MB, pdf)  2011

Environmental Quality Incentives Program factsheet (1.3MB, pdf)  2011

Environmental Quality Incentives Program factsheet   Hmong and English version (451K,pdf)  Updated Feb 2013

Seasonal High Tunnels flyer (365K, pdf) Hmong and English Version  Updated Feb 2013

Seasonal High Tunnels flyer (365K, pdf) 2012 - Spanish and English Version  Updated Feb 2013

Wetlands Reserve Program - Facts about 30-year Easements (93K, pdf)

Web Soil Survey - Getting Started (2.5MB,pdf)

Wisconsin Tribal Conservation Advisory Council 2011 Report (3MB, pdf)

Opportunities for Fruit, Vegetable and Specialty Crop Growers  (800K,pdf)  Hmong and English version

Environmental Quality Incentives Program Factsheet (600K, pdf)

Conservation Stewardship Program Trifold Brochure (265K, pdf)

Environmental Quality Incentives Program, Conservation Practices - General (196K, pdf)

Environmental Quality Incentives Program, Conservation Practices for Confined Livestock (160K, pdf)

Environmental Quality Incentives Program, Conservation Practices for Grazing (195K, pdf)

Cranberries and Conservation (690KB, pdf)

Milking Center Guidelines - Companion Document to Wisconsin NRCS Standard 629

Tillage Practice Guide (Practice Standards 329 and 345)  (4K,pdf)

Standards Oversight Council  (1.3MB,pdf) Overseeing the development Maintenance and distribution of Technical Standards in Wisconsin

Conservation Planning on Cranberry Lands  (447K,pdf)

Have you thought About Managed Grazing - Technical and financial assistance available to help grazing operations.  2005

Coon Valley Days (5.4MB,pdf)The story of the Coon Creek Watershed, the first large-scale erosion control demonstration in the US, in 1933.

Coon Creek Driving Tour ( 162k,pdf)- Visit historic Coon Creek Watershed in Vernon County, Wisconsin, the site of the first erosion control demonstration project in the US, started in 1933. 

Can Buffers Boost Your Bottom Line? (845K,pdf) Provides information on economic benefits of buffers, including USDA Conservation Reserve Program. October, 2001

Clean Water Practices (79K,pdf) and Grassland Practices (90K,pdf) of the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program conservation practices eligible for CREP in Wisconsin.

Prairie Plants, Warm Season Grasses, Flowers and Legumes (High resolution format 11 MB,pdf or jpeg format of page 1 and page 2 )

Farmland Conservation Choices A Guide to Environmentally Sound Practices for Wisconsin Farmers. (1300k,pdf) Featuring 26 common conservation practices, with an explanation of how each practice works and how it helps improve a farm. Also listed are things to think about when considering a practice, and basic maintenance needs.

Residue Management Choices A Guide to Managing Crop Residues in Corn and Soybeans. (3.3K,pdf) Features charts that show common tillage and planting sequences and the average low and high residue to expect after harvesting, winter weathering, tillage and planting. Also how to get started, tillage equipment, measuring residue, as well as management concerns.

Manure Management Choices For Wisconsin Dairy & Beef Cattle Operations. (728K,pdf) Describes dairy and beef operations and manure management issues for each system, with practical management solutions.

Wisconsin State Soil: Antigo Silt Loam, Technical Factsheet (65K,pdf)

Wisconsin State Soil: Antigo Silt Loam,  Factsheet for kids  (293Kpdf)

Wisconsin State Soil:  Antigo Silt Loam Poster (8.5x11) for kids (125k,pdf)

Fact Sheet: Decommissioning Water Wells - EQIP (404K,pdf)