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Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) in Wisconsin 2014

Applications for EQIP can be submitted to NRCS at any time.  Dates are set periodically to rank applications for available funding.   EQIP Application Form (CPA-1200 pdf)

Read the General EQIP news release

Special Honey Bee Conservation - Sign up by March 21, 2014

Read the news release

Honey Bee Pollinator factsheet

Honey Bee Pollinator Application Ranking Summary (pdf 11 kb)

Honey Bee Pollinator Practice Cost List (xls 20 kb)

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Focus Area map for Wisconsin in 2014












Applying for EQIP

Environmental Quality Inventive Program: Photo of NRCS District Conservationist and farmer.

EQIP Overview and National and Wisconsin Policies

Waste Storage/Alternative Waste Treatment Practices

Applications for the waste storage and alternative waste treatment practices are considered on an area-wide basis.   Details about the Waste Storage/Alternative Waste Treatment Practices Sign-up. 

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP)

The CNMP sign-up is done through local county signups, at all NRCS field offices.  Funds are for development of CNMPs for animal feeding operations.      Detailed information on CNMPs.


Special Initiative Opportunities  

Landscape Initiatives

Organic Initiative   

Conservation practices for certified organic producers and those transitioning to organic production.  Some individual practices under this Organic Initiative have higher payments than regular EQIP, in recognition of the higher cost of organic seeds or fertilizers in an organic system.  All states offer Conservation Activity Planning for the Transition to Organic. The Transition plan provides a road map for future conservation cost-share activities to enhance organic agriculture on each farm. 

NRCS staff have had training to help organic farmers access this opportunity for financial assistance of up to $20,000 per year, and $80,000 total.  Cover crops and crop rotations, installing intensive grazing infrastructure (grazing plans, fencing, walkways, water lines), establishing wildlife and pollinator friendly habitat, and high tunnels are examples of potential practices available for funding under this program.

Contact your local NRCS office soon to meet with your conservation planning professional and determine which practices could enhance your farming operation.   State Organic Initiative Contact:   Pat Murphy

Energy Initiative

Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative


For More Information

If you need more information about EQIP, please contact NRCS at your local USDA Service Center, or your local land conservation department.

State EQIP Contact:  Matt Otto, 608-662-4422 x 245